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My grandpa just passed away and 7

My grandpa just passed away and 7 th day after funeral I saw he told me and my mom im going on a trip and gave his ipad and its home screen picture was my and my mom picture.and he was packing his clothes after that I was laying on my bed and he came other side and was talking with unknown person (female)and that person asked is (our pets) this pets are your?and what about them ?he said I gave them to my daughter.then suddenly dog came running and he went to catch them but he fall because of my legs.that was the dream

So I was chilling neh then I

So I was chilling neh then I came across Jobe Bellingham and he was still wearing his old red Birmingham away shirt while resting after training for a while I saw that he removed the Birmingham city football club logo on the shirt but the Nike sponsor was still there ... I asked him about it and he said that he wanted to preserve some clothes for training but still not get sued for not wearing the right clothes that is the reason why he removed the logo. We talked and talked and I asked him if my breath was distinct or if he had gum . He asked what was wrong I told him someone was smoking and he offered me his deodorant spray asap and fixed my breath with sweet and then later he went to practice again and his family mark and Denise were about to arrive when he came quickly to fix my sexy short dress that he liked so much when we were together to be presentable and he fixed my appearance where it was leaking therefore after i met his parents and he was eyeing me like crazy that sexy eye look. Before his parents come he was turned on by my dress and outfit

I saw an apple and a pomegranate

I saw an apple and a pomegranate and a guava on a same branch. On floor I saw there muddy water and there was a coin in slippery mud I took it and I washed it in a muddy water and then there was my cousin wearing white she had a bottle in her hand she spills water and I wash my hands again. We walked and I tapped on her shoulder she looks at me with anger I said I didn't put mud on your dupatta I didn't there were stains already. That was a place where were many people it was a shrine I asked my cousin to take out her phone and capture photos she nodded but didn't and she got disappeared in a crowd there was another girl I asked her If I accompany with her she agreed then we walked. I guess I was in India and I was asking my mother that where are my clothes and I need a hair cut here. My mother is from India and we went India twice.

I dreamt that I was at my

I dreamt that I was at my girlfriends parents place but she wasnt home. Then one of her brothers called me and told me she moved overseas to teach, but then she walked into the room right after. Then we went to her room and she changed into other clothes in front of me, she was wearing matching pink underwear, after she changed we were going out, but her stepfather was acting weird but there was someone behind him with a knife, so I started chasing the guy. Next we are in the car and my girlfriend is driving but the check engine light was on.

Food court, Brightly lit, Androgynous person, Silky

Food court, Brightly lit, Androgynous person, Silky hair, Beautiful smile, Casual clothes but edgy, Shawarma, Approaching restaurant, Exchanging smiles, Shy but inviting, Sense of connection, Colorful, First-person perspective