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i was helping a elderly woman in

i was helping a elderly woman in her home cleaning, there was a room w open entrance it was like a sittng/sun room. it was rectangular and windows lined the wall facing the open entrance. there was a sofa and chairs coffee table... in the room. there is no one in the room. i did not enter the sitting/sun room at the time i was helping the elderly woman. i am somewhere else now having a meal at a small table idk who was to my right but a woman w no face to my left is my sister and next to her is a friend named kathy. the lady to my right asked me about work, i was telling her about the elderly lady and her home, while i was speaking a rocks glass slid by itself off a shelf hit the ground behind me and broke. then i was back at the elderly ladies home and i was in the sitting /sdun room approaching the windows they have white lace curtains at first glance but the closer i got to the lace curtains i could see they are dingy yellowing from age. i can sense a spirit there when i lean to touch the curtains a forbidding scary dangerous feeling comes from them, dont touch the curtains n do not enter that room.

I had a dream when I was

I had a dream when I was younger, that I was in my home country, at my grandmother's house (my mother's mother), and my family and I were sitting on the couches, or on the floor- around the coffee table. My mother had my little sister, who is 4 years younger than me (she was a baby in the dream), in her lap, sitting on the couch. I was sitting on the floor in front of them, when my little sister starting laughing. Her laughter annoyed me so much that I started hitting her head with my hand as hard as I could. Her laughter was stuck on replay, literally, as if she were a robot that'd malfunctioned. No one paid any mind to what I or my sister was doing. I was sobbing and hitting her, when two feral dogs rushed into the living room we were in. I jumped to my feet and to the opposite side of the big dining table that was nearby. I was screaming and crying at the huge dogs, who were barking at me. Nobody had noticed the dogs, or me hiding behind the table; they were all continuing to converse with each other as if nothing was happening. The dogs, they made no move to attack me or go around the table, they just stood there and barked at me. Then, my grandmother burst into the room (as she was in another room) and starting smacking and shoo-ing the dogs away. They whimpered and ran out the living room, proceeding to leave the house. I woke up at this point.

The dream started with me logging off

The dream started with me logging off line, seeing someone in the front window. Then they tried to open the front door. It was locked so they went to Teagans bedroom window to break in. They had a Scythe that had strange markings on it. I woke Bo up to tell him. He went to her window and they were firing off a machine gun in our front yard. I called the cops and it was automated saying that they knew about the group up in our area. Dont open the door to them. Barricade yourself in a room. They already assualted several up here. I tried locking our bedroom door and there was no lock. Then I moved the coffee table in front of the door and it wasnt enough. I saw shadows of feet and the door opened out instead of in. Then I woke up. Worse part. Bo could have been off work any time around that time and if he would have come in the house after I woke up, I think I would have died

My dream Waking up I see that I'm

My dream Waking up I see that I'm stuck in a rocky abyss. The ground is brownish-red and the sky is the color of blood. A giant, 20 meters tall stands in front of me. It's skin an odd tan orange. Beastly in size and strength, it looks down at me with it's three eyes. Letting out a roar it begins after me as I quickly try and run away. My effort holds pointless as I run to a high and mighty wall of the red rock that makes up the abyss. The giant quickly goes to snatch me up, and I black out. Upon waking, I find myself in a hotel hallway. I finally get to the hotel room. Opening the door I take in my surroundings. The walls are white. A shagged light brown carpet sits beneath my feet. Looking toward the window I notice that see-through blue curtains are blowing from a draft. Upon further inspection I realize the window is fully closed, and the blinds are white, and closed as well. A brown leather chair sits across from an old t.v that has knobs and a broken antenna. A small glass coffee table sits in the middle. As I continue scrutinizing the area my father walks in from the bedroom. My mom quickly follows. They both begin talking and I go explore the bathroom. I notice that it's fairly small with only a toilet and a glass bowl on top of it. Looking closer I see that the bowl is full of wrapped condoms. I pick one up and observe it, then put it back. I turn around and my parents are acting rather strange. I pay them no mind. I walk out of our hotel room and feel an odd sense of loneliness as well as a sensation of being lost. As I walk down the hallway I contemplate over these feelings, passing by many doors that I seemed too have already opened. All of them empty. I continue walking until I get too the end of the hall and stop in front of a door. I pull out a golden key and hold it up too the door, unlocking it. I open the door and am surprised to find that not only is this room empty.. It is a complete void. Regardless of common sense, I step into the room, the door and the hotel disappearing behind me. The world moved around me with purples and blacks as well as some deep greens. All these colors swirling around non-stop. I simply watched the colors as they moved. After a few seconds I start too walk again. After a few hours of walking I reach a light and just continue into it, lacking any emotion. Once I enter the light, however, I begin too feel threatened and weak. The world turns dark and empty. Nothingness. I fall too my hands and knees, staring at the ground. (Even though their technically is no ground) seconds after I get dizzy and it feels as if I'm spinning. I then fall down face first unconscious. Upon waking, my vision blurs together and I see that i lay in a hospital bed. The world around me still appears frozen. I stand and walk out of the room. The doctors in the hall like statues. I walk down to the end of the hall into a bright light. After I seem to be engulfed within the blinding light, I awake.

I lie myself to sleep and in

I lie myself to sleep and in reality, then I wake up in the dream .... In a large obnoxious old house. And when I say big and obnoxious, I believe such a horror house ... So I go around and meet other people who also live there and they say the house is haunted ... I think of course not ... So during the day, I go outside to explore the site. Finely quarter was apart from the old house in the middle where I live .... So for tonight, so I hear footsteps and noises in the house ... And just think this is probably the house that gives him. So I lay down and sleep. Then some man with 2 dogs ... Because he and I were into another house. Then he would put the 2 dogs inside in a room with a fireplace and all, very fine. So we open the door in there to. and try and push the dogs in there, but they are like rocks, do not move, stand and knore crazy. So we let them be in the bedroom. And go into another house. How to run a television on Nickelodeon or something. And there is a refrigerator, and sofa and coffee table and the refrigerator is filled with food and beer and cola and all sorts of shit ... And it was all that was in the second house. Then during the evening we go back .. So we come in the door ... Then we hear a baby cry ... And nobody in the house have a baby ... And the only ones who can hear it's me and my friend the thing is ... Also because I know that inside the fireplace stands, dead a mother and a baby again .. And it frightened me ... So I wake up in real life, my whole body shakes and I turn on its side also starts my arm where my cross is burning and beating wildly ... So I lay me to sleep again ... So I wake up in the dream again, and continue from where I left off .... and I can still hear the baby cry, and suddenly I hear a scream ... As can be felt through the entire body. Then I take my stuff and start and go from door to get away. So stop me 3 people. And I say to be. Also gives a boost to me. And as they push me, waking me up again and my alarm rescuer 1 min or so after ...