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In this dream I was working the

In this dream I was working the stroll dressed in hot pants like usual when a trick rolled up but this john turned out to be some kind of alien from the Pleiades dressed in a leisure suit and he looked really weird but he had great coke and we partied all night

I went to a sea side with

I went to a sea side with nan grandad and lover to a rundown place I separate them and end up in toilets with a lot of run down women enter a cubicle and start to pass urine meen while someone's urine comes from other cubical getting my feet and get more till splashing on floor and I look to see a woman aiming it at me through bottom of cubical I react in disgust and yell for help meen while a other woman pears her head under the front of the cubical I some how purchases cannabis and leave the toilets in panic of getting court I go to enter bilding were I left my family and lover comes out in time so I can pass him the drugs I enter to find it a dance floor with disco find my nan and grandad look around to see Chinese men wearing sunglasses on Sun loungers on dance floor my nan wonders about and my grandad dances in leather coat and goes to order 5 Coke drinks and I wake ?

I dreamed that I got in a

I dreamed that I got in a physical altercation with someone who had a white magic bean. He dropped the bean and a beanstalk grew. It also grew a large prehistoric forest. There were dinosaurs and I had to flee. So I climbed over a wall and walked into a bathhouse where I saw a T-Rex walk into and then dissipate. I realized that the bathhouse was safe from any predators. So I stayed there and people started come and sitting in the bathhouse water. I did not go in the water. Then I realized there was a lot of people there and no food. I started to think about how to get food but then more people started to come to the bathhouse. The people who were already there tried to fight them off and not let them in but I told them to let them in. Then I began exploring outside the bathhouse. There was a library attached to the bathhouse which I realized was also safe from predators. I found a coke which someone tried to dump out and I told her it would be very useful and not to dump it. Then there was a giant that uprooted the beansprout plant and everything returned to normal.

The spider dangled over my head from

The spider dangled over my head from a string on the ceiling. I realized what it was and got up to fetch a shoe to kill the spider with. The spider crawled in the air towards a coke can can, landed on the can then crawled back in the air to anothee object. As i got closer to kill the spider i saw it was red and white and it got bigger. The spider would not stop crawling in the air and as i got even closer i was getting more terrified grazed across by chest almost landing on me and I almost passed out from fear and i almost killed it but I woke up.

First i was going to the court

First i was going to the court to meet my husband to drop our divorce. he was in his black ford escort with a girl in the front seat. as i walked up to them i noticed she was really pretty. she had black hair and had a dress on. she also in her right hand had a diet coke. i ran away crying and did not drop the divorce.

Casino tall rum and coke old lady

Casino tall rum and coke old lady playing slots purses bouncer sends acquaintance out for stealing my wallet. I play pinball because I am indecisive about which game to play. I was separated from tammy but then feel relieved to find her. There were footprints in the carpet. Staff are perplexed about the footprints. I feel they were the woman's footprints. I wanted to play her slot machine. I never finished my game.



I fell asleep and dreamed that I

I fell asleep and dreamed that I was a frog human. I went to the watering hole on the top story in my frog castle to relax in a pool of water and eat flies but a monkey human was hiding in the water. I was a bit drunk for some reason and apparently still a virgin cause the monkey human raped me. In my dream I said, "I realized later he hadn't been entirely successful because he never broke the hymen" (Ew). It was as if I were recounting events to someone. The monkey was later in my kitchen and told me that he was a she him and hadn't got pregnant as expected. I told it that it wasn't nice to use diet coke as a tool for sex. I thought I was a virgin? We didn't discuss diet coke for pleasure. I felt sorry for it. Then someone knocked at my door and I was in my apartment and human again. The man was knocking on all doors but came back to me and kissed me. Then Miranda showed up and I said I was getting drunk.