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This dream began with standing under the

This dream began with standing under the ocean.able to move and breathe under the ocean just as easily as on the surface. marine life present included a sturgeon, a marlin, and a lemon butterfly-fish. but what impressed me most of all was a fluorescent deep blue fish who attempted to communicate-a manatee was present also but paid us no attention- the glowing blue fish swam in until about17 feet away,and kept his gaze directed at me mostly but also on my dream contact. swam away after about 11 minutes then we walked from the bottom of the ocean to a living room. and through the glass yet! i took a chair on one end of the room,mycontact on the other side. we were discussing a report i was supposed to turn in to some government bureau. i made a remark to the effect that" i should include this next to my report. it was just illogical enough to be taken seriously. which caused my companion to roar with laughter. this man had dark hair and wore like the greasers of the 1950s . he wore a black leather jacket then i woke up

I had a romantic relationship with fictional

I had a romantic relationship with fictional character Kaworu, following what felt like a week of wonderful companionship with my new found partner, I came to a realisation that I had to kill him. The heartbreak was unlike any other I had felt, and his resistance made it all that much more difficult.

In 1989, we had lived in an

In 1989, we had lived in an apartment and I keep dreaming about my Great Grandmother’s companion walking down the hall

I would be in school doing normal

I would be in school doing normal high school student things, however, I was also a "on-duty" police officer sometimes in civilian clothing. This takes place usually during my period 6 English 4 Humanities class because often times I find myself attempt to impress the woman of my dreams. At times I also had a police canine that would be very obedient as a companion.

I was in an abandoned run down

I was in an abandoned run down strip mall at night. I was with two other people, they were both young adults, a young man and a young woman. At time I would see myself in the third person, I looked like a vital old man with a strong nose and a head of silver hair. (Though In reality I am 20 years old) We walked into the bowels of the mall and could here the sounds and voices of the city fading behind us. We walked to the end of the corridor and felt an evil presence. Down an escalator at the end of another short corridor was a pile of garbage. in front of it were two dead bodies and a man tall and muscular with a crew cut and pitiless sandy eyes. "What in the name of Christ is going on" I shouted as I ran down the stairs towards him. He acknowledges me with a casual nod and grins. (What he says next is lost to my memory but I remember a chilling fear as a result of his words) Immediately I turned to my companions, I am between them and the killer. "Go get help" A bright light is on their faces yet concealing their eyes in shadow. The girl is two paces from me and the boy a pace behind her. She smile first, a little reluctantly I shift my gaze to the boy and he meets my gaze with a relieved smile. And in a moment they are gone. I turn back to the killer (He says something else that I can not recall) This time his words have no sway. He jogs over to a door in the wall, with a remorseless grin he beckons me to follow. Through the door I got into a small dusty room. The room is small and very dusty filled with metal objects and two metal workbenches in the center. The killer speaks one last time and moves close with his hands outstretched to choke me I assume. I grab his arm and using his momentum throw him down onto the ground. He gets up and continues to assault me. Soon it escalates and he grabs a metal blade. I move in close and disarm him hoping to hold him in check until help arrives. Unfortunately he slips away and now he is slashing and throwing anything sharp he can find at me. I manage to evade him and finally my compassion gives way. I take a long 10 inch blade and drive it down to the grip in his collar bone. He looks at it a moment with disapproval and continues to assault me. Now I am desperate and anything sharp I can find, I plunge into his body. Finally I find a small piece of sheet metal with a tapered edge and drive it into a long wound across his chest where his heart should of been. I throw him over my shoulder and he smashes into the wall and lies crumpled on the ground, a bloody mess. Tears well in my eyes "Why do you live like this aren't you in pain?!" He answers laboring "The pain is great..." Suddenly there is a bubbling sound he pushes himself off the floor and walks slowly toward me. All the metal in him is receding, disappearing into his body until there is no sign of conflict at all. He stands in front of me, puts his arms firmly, almost tenderly on my shoulders "...That is what I want for us" I am shocked no words come to me. He walks me to the door "Wait I have something to show you" He walks around a corner and brings a white towel over to me "look" he says He opens the towel a little bit and I stoop down to see what it is. A can of cat food half opened. light glints off the sharp edges of the lid "Its just cat food I promise" he mumbles as he walks into the shadows of the room. My heart skips a beat and I walk slowly out the door and start down the hall" I take two steps and my heart skips again as I hear from behind me the sound of the metal lid being pulled back from the can.

I had a really long dream about

I had a really long dream about escaping from a lot of people who actually wants to kill or hurt me and my companions. In the dream, wherever I go, it seems like everyone has this bad motive and is the companion of the bad people. I've witness a lot of death in my dream, but I seem to escape somehow and then wherever I go, there are just bad things that happen. I escape through several transportation like boat, train, and car. In the dream, I also was trapped in the train, expecting that I can escape through it, but it turns out that it is a trap. Then there are a lot of bad people who are just randomly killing everyone on the train, and I actually felt like I was shot too but I'm still alive and managed to escape with some people. Also, there is a part of the dream, that I managed to escape through a car, but I was suspecting it is trap again like the driver could possibly be one of the bad guys too.

I was in the car with two

I was in the car with two versions of my friend Sophia: one was very playful and funny and laid back, the other was more stuck up and cautious. Only the laid back one was named Sophia, the other one did not have a name. No Name was driving, Sophia was sitting in the middle in the front, and I was sitting in the passenger seat. I had my feet up and Sophia was playing with them. So I said Put my toes in your mouth, and she said ok! in a very cute and playful way. She started to suck on them very sensually and it turned us both on, even the no name, though she refused to let it distract her from driving. Later though, she couldn't control herself and started to suck on them too. Then they noticed I had a boner and I said Do you want to suck my dick? to the no name and she looked at me a little angrily and said You want me to put your... penis in my mouth? then I strategically turned the conversation around by saying No, I simply asked you if you wanted to put my penis in your mouth, and then she shut up until we got to my house. When we got to my house, I don't remember if we had any more sexual activities (we might have made out a little) but I went up to my room to get my bong so we could all smoke marijuana and Sophia texts me saying that she was still high and that she didn't want to smoke just yet. So I went downstairs to where the kitchen table is and sat down on the toilet to poop. Sophia and No Name were sitting on the couch watching what was called good Mtv which was good quality programming on the Mtv channel. As I was pooping my brother started to unlock the door to come home. I was naked so I threw a towel over myself and had an innocent conversation with him while trying to wipe my butt at the same time. When I was done, I went into the tv room but the two versions of Sophia were not there! Instead, my brother was just telling me about this good Mtv and that I should watch it. I looked around my house searching for my two sexy companions, until I went to rite aid to buy some stuff. When I got to rite aid I saw playful Sophia and my acquaintance Michelle, who is in my grade. They were both wearing a black tank top and jean shorts. They both looked so beautiful bThey didn't see me and for some reason I didn't say hi to get their attention. I saw them later in the checkout line and then I said hi. Doing a little shopping? I asked and they said yeah. Then I woke up.

I was an archangel and battling some

I was an archangel and battling some fallen angels, one of the fallen angels was an archangel like myself in my dream. I remember the battle took place in an ancient Egyptian city, there were many angels battling alongside me. At one point, I was weak an another archangel by the name of Gabriela landed me her strength - she had darker hair, white skin and light eyes, and it was in full combat armor. The bad archangel, started meditating calling OHM to regain power. I started lifting my hands up and gathering power as well from other angels that were my companions and said it out loud the word SHEM. I received power and my strength increased so did my speed. I, by myself, defeated all the fallen angels by open palm hand technique martial style. I went to the fallen archangel and broke all of his joints, to the point he could only drag himself on the ground and made a sample of him, saying, "this is the destiny for the disobedient.

My companion and I had a disagreement

My companion and I had a disagreement I'm not sure why or what happen but in the end I love itit was like we put everything to the side to make up and he said we will work it out and this will be due