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I had to do a senior project

I had to do a senior project with a popular guy in school on a controversial topic. While we thought about doing something music-related since we both are involved in music extracurriculars (i.e: the Milli Vanilli controversy), we found out about a massive murder conspiracy ring in Paris. Later, we looked at a news picture of said murder ring and found the name of my partner's best friend in the background. We learned that he was going to be framed for several gruesome murders and would be executed if found guilty (which, seeing as how the Paris Police were incredibly corrupt, was bound to happen). We ended up jetting off to Paris to complete the project and save my partner's best friend...and then I woke up.

I was in prison for some reason

I was in prison for some reason but didn't think I deserved to be there. Outside the prison grounds were a lot like a school yard. There were two soccer fields, one small one normal sized with a track around it. They were on the left side of a clearing and above the small field was a jungle gym. I was put into the section for dangerous people because of a failed escape attempt (I think). The others and I made a plan to escape. The guards had this spray stuff that knocked you out if you breathed it in. Somehow I got a hold of some and used it to help get away. We took over a large orange and other coloured van and got away but only after I inhaled some of that spray. I was unconscious for two days according to the man I asked but everything had changed so much that it felt more like two years. In that time my friend found a new friend which made me feel lonely. For some reason, my brother, father and I were checking in on the cottage. Up in the loft we somehow transported to the edge of a city on a coast. Alone in the city, I was trying to use a pay phone. There was a long line and I pretended to know someone so I could cut in. The line seemed to disappear and I struggled to count out ten pennies which at first had stars instead of leaves on them. The guards showed up (about twelve) and an epic, manga or cartoon like battle occurred. I even thought that I was probably dreaming or imagining the battle because of how ridiculous it was so I decided to stop it. I was captured in the end and hooked up to a lie detector where I was uncooperative. A lady wearing a suit interrupted the interrogation for some reason. My perspective changed to a fly on the wall style. The same lady went to the dangerous people section and shot the guards with a pulse gun then shot the cell bars. She said for the men to come with her and with knowing grins they jumped right through the bars. The other men also attempted to do this but just hurt their shoulders. I somehow knew that this was part of a growing conspiracy. Strangely, at one point I was trying to jump on a moving train in my front entrance way. I knew there was actually no train so I pretended to jump on it and moved into the living room to take my seat in the box car.

Family incurs an Indian boy. Idk why

Family incurs an Indian boy. Idk why of what his purpose is. There is a giant house kind of a hotel kinda a compound. We are at the opening ceremony. It's a resort. It's in Texas. I see cousin bijan and I'm flbbergasted. Takes time to get his attention. We speak and I see more of him. There is a ghost like version of him in front of is. And several other ones near by. They are not ghosts they are the previous younger bodies that he's inhabitted. 3 of them. It takes a while to get his attention. I tell my fMily. We break up into small groups and I get in a group with all girls. Set of twins younger than myself hut attractive. And 2 other girls. 4. We begin getting to know. They. Have cigarettes Nd I want one. But don't ask. Both girls that are not the twins get cigarrets out. Share them with twins. They all begin pulling off part of the filter. We had a group leader. He'd left a while back. The night before ky mom asked me not to sleep in ky apartment citing that we might get a tenant. It looks like my house but might be the resort. So I sleep on the couch only to find out that lissandra is renting ky room. It looks very big. I wonder how much she was paying for the large room. I mean she use to live in an efficiency for god sakes. She asks me if I have weed. I say non. She laughs and I want her to spark me up for taking ky room. There's a big hotel and I have to sleep on the couch. Who is this Indian buy and his family? Back to table with girls. They leave and get into the elevator so I grab the purse and try to take it to her.she points out the coordinators purse. He tries to grab it. I know there is something in there. I try to open it. I run away from him. End up near kitchen staff. He's trying to get me and his hag. A twin is there and she tries to get his attention so I can escOrt. I have to think I own a part of this. I need to find out. She preotects me Nd I grab the elecTors. Just as I see she is captured. I end up on another floor. Like the 5 th floor. In ky fear is gone up from the thirst. She's caught I try to get back into an elevator I mean I'm being chases. The elevator becomes an alcove and so I grab another one and go get her. I almost get caught but at the last second we Duh away together. We get back to the bottom and I decide to ask ky parents about lissansra ajd the Indian boy, I pussy out. I'd seen him around on the escalotors once. When I was running. So I don't ask them cover the question up with something else. They know what I want to know. But give no answers anyway. Baha is playing I'm kinda with the twin. My mom is with a friends of hera in the outside breezeway and its a pregnant woman and her husband. There's a sign that says you can leave the resort but if you ever have tine coke back. I thing it meant to shop. The thirst floor people some kind of conspiracy. And way Baha is with Baha john and playing and mahnaz asks her to watch him. All of us are flahherghasted. But ky mom explains she trusts her and wants to give her experience I believe its for a say off. There are neglected items everywhere. No one takes them or puts then in a safe place. Just go pick it up whenever you left it behind.

This guy is so right Doing all

This guy is so right Doing all these things to try to get some one back and then not geinttg any sense of attention from the girl you have feelings for hurts like hell. Iv been feeling like crap for months ever since we broke up now Im just counting down more days. people always say i wish i had a somoeone that listens to me and supports me and when that happens what. They tell you they love u, bring your hopes up and leave . love a conspiracy is all it is just another conspiracy.