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I dreamed about someone I used to

I dreamed about someone I used to care about deeply coming back into my life. I have not spoke to this person or thought about them in a year. In the dream we were very close lovers who parted ways because he was told I was sleeping with others due to a drinking habit. He was in a rap contest, and I was all of a sudden battling against him. In the end I won the contest, and he looked at me the same way he used to and we were back to being intimately close again.

temporary email for steam As a Hawaii

temporary email for steam As a Hawaii Marriage Photographer and becoming a Groom myself I've been by way of the rigors of becoming in get in touch with with vendors and obtaining promotions from possible wedding ceremony businesses although preparing for a marriage. Although I had to learn this lesson the tough way, I'm offering you this suggestion so you will not have to. 1 of the most advantageous pieces of guidance I can give to any consumer is to established up a separate temporary e mail account for your marriage preparing and use it to sign up for remaining in get in touch with with vendors, contests at bridal expos and every time you are requesting info from a prospective vendor on the web.

I was in a competition about beauty

I was in a competition about beauty and talent and i won then the guy who picked me had black short hair and a beard with beautiful eyes and face then he told me to sleep that we have a big week ahead of us so i lay down and he told me he didnt pick me for no reason i am beautiful and talented and i fell in love with you on the minute i saw you then i ask if i can visit my cousin he came to support me in all of this and he said sure so i went and my cousin was upset and i kept asking him why and he wont tell me we were running around downtown where people noticed me on tv and stopped me and said why am i not with the guy and i caught up to him and he said i dont need a contest to clarify the things i already am.

I was walking with my friend by

I was walking with my friend by the rather and 2 girls come and challenge me to a diving contest of a bridge. so accepted when me and one of girl went to the top of the bridge and dived when I hit the water I could not get to the serifs and I closed my eyes and I opened them on the side of river with two people caring me to their home. when I wake up I realise I have gills , I was out cold for three years and everyone tort I was dead. I stay with the family for 3 months and they throw a party for me and my crush walks in I run out she chases me and then she calls my name. I tern around and she gives me a hug and says "I missed you ". so we walk back and a thaw weeks later I find my family in a pub and I am on the news the fooling day.

I had a dream one time where

I had a dream one time where I went to this water park with my friend named Jermaine he went to CCR with me and a whole bunch of other random people and there was all these like super dangerous rides and I was scared to ride them but the like counselor person told us it was for a contest against some other people at the water park thing so I was like whatever I'll do it and there was this thing where there was like a giant lake and there was a boat in the middle of it with buckets on it and your team had to throw the balloons and make it into the buckets on the boat that was like a mile away from us and I knew I wasn't gonna make it so I threw the balloon and it didn't even get close so this lady came up behind me and poured a giant tub of like yellow goo on me and I screamed and ran to the bathroom and tried to wash it off but when I got to the door there was this big group of girls and I didn't want to go in there so I walked around to see if I could find another bathroom but when I was walking around this guy like picked me up and took me up like a thousand stairs and strapped me to a chair for a ride or something and he went over to like a control panel thing and pressed a button and I went like flying through the sky in the chair and it just kept going backwards not down but just backwards for a really long time and then I woke up

I walked into my house after getting

I walked into my house after getting a special invitation from my teacher to participate in a writing contest. After I walked in, the news immediately came on and talked about a guy using a little puppy as a body bag my removing all of its bones and using the bones as a pillow. Freaked out by this, I went to my room and saw a video game version of "Wheel of Fortune" on my bed. I shrugged and put it into my console. After the game loaded up I saw a wheel with one half consisting of buzz saws and the other half consisting of sharks. There were boarders separating them. The boarders then broke and a bunch of blood filled up the wheel until I woke up.