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I was cooking with a friend in

I was cooking with a friend in a competition. I was wearing all green. My friend had no shoes or socks on. He was later found in a ditch very sick. He had 5 dogs. We were by the fire & I kissed his hand.

I dream I was cooking for a

I dream I was cooking for a group of people ( like a family gathering) in the country but there was no fire so I went to my grandfather house(my mother father) and there was fire to cook I notice there was no soup in the pot so I add more water just as the food about to cook my aunt give me some chicken noodle to put in the soul. Went back to check the pot and the bottom of the pot fell out put the food was still in the pot so I fixture the pot nod continue to cook. I then realised the bottom fell out again. My grandfather said to me you should have change the pot in the first place. I then pour the food in a bother pot to take to the rest of the family. My other grandfather ( my father dad who look like my father not sure if it was my father or is dad was there and I told him to come with me because my grand children are there and he haven't seen them before and I will take him back as he is trading in the morning. I was very disappointed about the soup but I think the group old still eat the food. But I though I couldn't have given the food to my grandchildren as I was not good enough and I awoke from the dream. ( my grandfathering my father side died 25.years age and my other grandfather died about 22 years ago)