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i was standing on a street sidewalk.

i was standing on a street sidewalk. i watched 4 men come down a alley and enter a building. i went in behind them we all went to the back of this building. it was like a storage area n meeting place.in the back there was a little window and a long shelf against the wall. one of the guys was like we got to get out of here. quickly we all went to the same door we came in 3 guys were ahead of me one was behind me. i turned and looked at the guy behind me i knew he was not going to make it out. the building then blew up. next thing i know im flying in the sky above a highway. there was a accident on the road me and i guess the guy who blew up with me are standing now at this accident scene. there are 3 people laying on the road side by side. a man a woman and a child. the child had no arms or legs and had been stabbed in the stomach multiple times. he was not dead. he started to cough. the guy i was with picked up the child ran him across this 4 lane highway and entered a small white building.

I am in my deceased grandads front

I am in my deceased grandads front room and it is as if he has just died, there are a lot of people in there going through things but none of them are family. I tread in a wet patch with my right foot and realise that this is a wet patch where my grandad hada coughing fit and urinated in the floor, the wet patch is on the corner of a rug and no-one else mentions it which surprises me, I then keep putting my foot there to see if it is real. I am an adult in the dream even though my grandad died when I was 6 years old.

with my best friend, i went on

with my best friend, i went on a hot air balloon. we were part of a patrol group for supernatural beings and beasts. we were told to controll it using harnesses but we needed a third person. an extremely beautiful guy came to be the third person. he was my age, had gold hair, and was tattooed and muscular. when it was time to start the hot air balloon, all three of us wee told to hold hand. as soon as i held his hand, a vision came to me of who he was. when the vision was over, i let go and dropped to the floor, coughing up blood. the guy looked very concerned as if he cared for me. my best friend asked if i had a vision and i told her yes. then i looked at him and said "shadowhunter" so he knew that i knew what he was. through the whole dream, i felt like i wanted to kiss him and i felt like he wanted to kiss me.