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It was me and a girl and

It was me and a girl and I felt extremely attached to her and we hugged all the time. When there was something in the auditorium she payed told me to cuddle with her .We did everything together and one day she was going to come over my house and then she goes to the bathroom .she left her phone so I went through it . And she was texting another good friend of mine . Then she comes out of the bathroom in tears and I was so worried for her and she tells me I can't come over her house because her mom is a crackhead and sells drugs and I hugged her and told u can still come over my house and she said I think it's best if I just go . So I was crying to

Me, my boyfriend and his son were

Me, my boyfriend and his son were driving in my car. My boyfriend directed me to this neighborhood. We got to this apartment complex and got out the car. As we started walking towards the apartments i noticed my boyfriends car was outside. Then i saw a man on the driver side of his car and it seemed as if he was admiring the car. He kept saying "Oooh look at this car, man look at this car." He was rubbing the car and suddenly he started pushing down on the window and then he started tugging on the door. I turned to my boyfriend to see his reaction towards this but he didn't really have one. So i started to speak up " Hey! HEY!! What are you doing?" I started approaching him and he started to move around the car to avoid me. It turns out this guy was a crackhead. After this we went inside the apartment and met his family, to my surprise. When we came in i scoped the scene for a seat, and chose to sit across the room in a chair instead of the couch. My boyfriend then turned to me and infront of everybody and said "Why are you sitting all the way over there, you're acting like you dont want to be here." Then i turned to him and said "Why can't i sit in this chair!? And if i didn't want to be here i would have never came in." I started to get real hot and embarressed which made me mad. So i decided to sit closer to them on the couch. One of his family members walked over to me and handed me a paper and asked me if i might be interested. i looked at the paper and it had a picture of a lady modeling, along with a article. He the began to hand me another paper but another lady in the room said "Wait, don't give her that one yet." But i had already recieved the paper. On it was a picture of a man with his private out. I began to laugh and said what is this. i assumed that they wanted me to do some kind of playboy or something. In this part of my dream i went outside and saw a man in my car with my purse on the ground. I yelled at him and told him that was my car. He slowly started driving forward and tried to make a U turn. I ran to the car opened the passenger door and hopped in. I started to notice that hey this wasn't my car after all. But the man didn't stop he kept driving. Somehow we ended up talking. We rode and talked for a while and the we went back to the apartment. He came in with me, but i had forgot what door my boyfriend and his family was in. I tried 3 doors. And i literally just opened the door, only to find that none of these people were him or his family. Somehow i ended up in a room with him. Me and my boyfriend were sitting on the couch and the man who i thought was stealing my car was on the floor. He began rubbing on my leg. I pulled my leg away, and couldn't help but think if i was not in a relationship i would be interested in this man. Then the dream ended.