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I had the most interesting dream last

I had the most interesting dream last night we went to a place and had to sneak around a bit to find the place we went on a boat which we had to climb to the top of the sails of and we were going real fast then it turned off the water onto a path it turned the corner sharply and then we were back in the base of the boat going along the footpath. We saw a few cars and a truck pass us but they were on the road which there was a row of trees between us and them. Then we came to a stop at the corner of a cross roads. We walked to the middle of these cross roads and got into a 4x4. Drive for a little bit then pulled over, and on the corner was a spot where water was coming out of a rock formation. It was pretty, but unusual for a part of a small township. Anyway, we pulled back a small part of the rock to reveal a gate. You looked over the gate and there was a huge waterfall, right in the middle, which landed in a small pond in the middle of a well designed secret place to stay. On the left of the room was a bath and shower, on the right was a double bed and a few singles. And there was another room straight through that you saw dining chairs in. Me being skeptical was sitting outside not looking in but when you convinced me to I did and was amazed. However after a little while I left the place, because I realised I would be late for work if I didn't find my way back. So I went out the now slightly broken gate, and realised I was lost. But because I had closed the gate, when I re opened it you were turned into a teddy bear and I had to buy you because the waterfall and everything else had disappeared. I was sad so I paid the money and took you and I woke up

On a bus in a different country,

On a bus in a different country, the bus is at a cross roads and a train is passing and a massive explosion on the train and once all fire as gone everyone that was on the train is dead and all their backs are to me and all I can hear is a screaming baby.