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I dreamed that my dad had to

I dreamed that my dad had to work late so didn't come home uintill later, then a couple days later I had to have a foot operation and I couldn't walk without crutches. While I was in the hospital some woman that was quite a bit younger than my dad was with my dad went into labor, my dad said that he was the father and that he was going to do everything for this woman and never leave her. So he went with her and didn't visit me once. Then I was in the car with my mum and sister and my mum asked if we knew when my dad could have had the affair with this woman and I said he worked late a couple days back. Then we were at my house in the kitchen and dad's new baby was with me. I didn't like it as my parents were arguing in the other room and decided to split up. My dad went with the new baby and the woman and me and my sister went with my mum.

I was in my garden with my

I was in my garden with my nan and I was looking for foxes because I am slightly scared of them and I don't like their noise either. So then I went up to my nan and she said that there was some foxes sitting on the wall looking at us but it was evening, so then I said look there's a fox, right there! And with doing that we went over and it actually appeared to be a boy. Dressed in violet clothes and looking very shaggy but having a beautiful face, when he got down from the wall he was sitting on I said "Breach how old are you?" Oh yes and I appeared to know his name! "17" he said, then I said "God dam-mit!" then he repeated and got off the wall walking away with his crutches.