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So I invited my friend round to

So I invited my friend round to play smash bros with everyone, but when you got there for some reason everyone had already left for McDonald's. my living room was decorated like it was when I was a kid, the wifi went wrong and for some reason, the router was in the cupboard under the stairs, so I went to fix it and my friend came in with me, wearing a transparent shirt and a white bra that was too small. She hugged me then unclipped it and gave it to me, laughed at me Because I couldn't speak then hugged me again, a lot tighter then left, and when I came out it was as if nothing had happened and she was wearing a normal shirt, we just carried on with what we were doing

I'm in a farm house, where I

I'm in a farm house, where I know I Live. My mother is there as she looked forty years ago. I go out for a walk and walk across a path surrounded by rough grass and find a cooked chicken obviously partially eaten by a wild animal. I remember that I didn't put the chicken and other foods away in the cupboard in the outhouse and go back to tell my mother what has happened. She sends me to the shops to buy another, but aI buy a brown feather stuffed cushion instead. When the guests and other members of the family arrive for the invited meal there is a large buffet of food on the table including the remains of the chicken. which I slice off a piece and eat. My mother looks at my questioningly and I shrug and laugh. later I tell people about my mistaking a pillow for a chcken.

I dream quite frequently that I am

I dream quite frequently that I am in my parents house (the one I grew up in) and I'm trying to cook for lots of people, however, the kitchen is over crowded with dishes in the sink and stuff piled up on the counter. Also, there are already a number of things cooking on the stove. I can't get anything out of the fridge because it is fully stocked and if I try to take something, everything will fall. Same with the cupboards. My sister is usually in the dream. And there is always lots of people sitting around the kitchen table.

In a classroom with my daughters teacher.

In a classroom with my daughters teacher. Went on a field trip and was in my grandparents house. The teacher told me how she signed over her legal parental rights to her 15 year old daughter. I opened a cupboard and there was an upside down cup of water. I picked up the glass and the water spilled everywhere.

I dream that I go to a

I dream that I go to a man's apartment. I must put my shoes in a cupboard. I am very attracted to this man and we begin kissing. Then, I see a bat/man on a chandelier and he puts a wing in front of his face. I go to find my shoes but they are gone.

I was dreaming that while I am

I was dreaming that while I am in one room, I saw the reflection of fire from another room in a glass door of a cupboard. As I entered into the hallway, I saw that it was my bedroom that was on blazing fire. I turned my back on it and entered another room where I was greeted by men from Russia wearing traditional Russian and traditional Irish clothing. I seemed confused seeing that I did not have anything of similarity to put on.

2 dreams but the same: 1st my

2 dreams but the same: 1st my house is ransacked by men pretending to be police. They kept taking things and dumping things. The next my house was vandalized again but also cupboards and sheds in my yard. Trees and bushes were being dug up

Went to make tea for everyone in

Went to make tea for everyone in someone else home. Look inside cupboard to find a box which had makeup. I continued looking and got caught looking