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I'm in a Japanese prisoner of war

I'm in a Japanese prisoner of war camp. there is a lot's of tables with cupcakes that we've all to help ourselves to, I know I have to take as many as I can because I know they'll have to last a while. at the end of the very last table there is a tray filled with bags of heroin and the guard, yamauchi, says we're only allowed one bag each but I manage to get two. I get a piece of tin foil to smoke the heroin on but no one will lend me a lighter. I find one of the guards who agrees to lend me a lighter but the other guards find out and say that if he is willing to lend me his lighter then we must be in love and we have to get married or we will both be shot. We are then on the top bunk of a set of bunk beds, him lying on top of me with a blanket over us and another guard keeps lifting up the blanket and ordering us to have sex with each other but we can't. I just want a lighter. Even though I'm in an internment camp, I'm not scared or anything