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I was standing on a corner of

I was standing on a corner of an intersection when this black boy got hit by a car. I called the police and the dispatcher asked me what happened. I told them that a black boy got hit by a car. They said they woundnt come because he was black. I cursed them out and hung up. Soon all the boys family was there and they were getting loud like they wanted to start a riot. I left annoyed and went to go eat. I walked to a resturant but walked out beacuse I remembered that my mom didnt like it. I went next door to a pizza place got food and went back outside to my family. The black people were still outside and i met up with my mom and got in her van and we left.

I dremt of a giant snake slithering

I dremt of a giant snake slithering through the grass in a field with pretty decent sized trees, not too many, but enough to make for perfect shade in the blazing sun. The snake would rest in the shade and look up to the sky to watch the birds soaring through the air. The snake would close it's eyes and dream of flying the world and soaring with friends and family, just as a flock does. But when the snake would open it's eyes it remembered that it was impossible, for it and all other snakes are cursed to live their lives bound to Earth's dirt and alone all because of the evil one caused in the beginning of time. Accepting it's reality as a snake it kept it's eye on a little nest with one egg built just in it's reach. It watched over the nest patiently for the next couple weeks awaiting the eggs to hatch. When the day finally came it prepared itself for a wonderful meal. Never realizing it had just succumbed as the prey... because that one egg was a hawk. When the hawk peered over it's nest and looked into the darkness of the snakes eyes, I realized it was me that the hawk was looking at -- I was the giant snake, peering into the eyes of all of my pipe dreams. -- As my surroundings did a 360 I opened my eyes dizzy and confused to then see myself looking in the eyes of the snake. I became overwhelmed with this divine intensity of higher power, all of my pipe dream suddenly became ropes hung from the sky, ready to be taken by both hands and climbed. As I grabbed one and began to climb I looked down to see the giant snake slither into the shade of the same tree, look up to the sky... and close it's eyes. I began to question what "adaptation" is. I thought, why can't the snake "adapt"? Who's to say that we only adapt if we have to?! I believe in the beauty and almighty power of choice, the one thing each and every one of us can be a God at. No one, not even God can control our choices. I believe that adaptation comes from the will of our hearts and not the forces of nature. So I looked down at the snake and thought to myself, "I believe in your dreams, for not every snake is evil -- for you are not evil." The snake peered up at me and said, "& as for you, never fear the fall. I promise the next time we see each other I shall be in the sky." ...the next time I saw his face was on a beautiful Chinese wall...

I was with a group of friends.

I was with a group of friends. We were in a rustic world. The world was of superstition, rogues, and canvas clothes, dirt ‘roads, donkeys and mules that carried goods, and roman soldiers. We were dirty and dusty and talking and mingling when we saw the sentries carting these enormous carts that resembled hay carts only bigger. They were covered in coarse dirty canvas and bound with ropes. We were undoubtedly curios so we followed them for a distance before turning into an abandoned side street where we notice d a huge wooden garden gate that towered about three times as tall as any grown man. It was locked and it seemed like there was a piece of the city hidden behind it and we could find no other entrance nor remember ever having seen this peculiarity once in our lives before. Being the hotheaded adventure seekers we were, we scaled the gate and landed behind it. All we saw was more stucco walls that we assumed was housing and a long open dirty road without any vendors or stalls or donkeys. The only thing we saw in the distance was the form of what appeared to be a misshapen babe. We decided to walk around and try to find the people that lived there but happened upon the babe sooner than we expected. Much to our surprise the sitting babe was nearly as tall as we were and it’s dancing sister who would normally look no older than two or three years loomed a few feet above us. We stared with our mouths agape as we tried to comprehend what we saw. Then we heard it. Rumbling footsteps that undoubtedly belonged to the parent of these abnormal children. Not wanting to meet whatever conceived such anomalies we darted for the gate but found it nearly impossible to scale. We alsotried squeezing through the nonexistent gaps in the slating and near the ground while we cursed ourselves for our rash stupidity. The creature that rounded the corner was huge. But considering that we were all too busy dodging its blows and scrambling to find our way out we had no idea what gender it may have been and whether or not it appeared human. I am still unable to describe how we managed to escape the nether side of the wooden garden gate, but thankfully we did. I do remember watching the solders finish unloading these gigantic canvas wrapped burdens from the huge carts. Donning dirty, abandoned doctors robes my friends and I approached the sentries with an air of confidence. One sentry led us over to the hills that he promptly ordered to be be uncovered for us only ( I may not have mentioned but this huge square was devoid of all but the solders and ourselves). They cut the ropes and the canvas falls and there are several Giant’s carcasses. Some of their bodies look mutilated, burned, and others are just bloody. My friends and I gather our bearings and try to look as professional as possible as we study the bodies. We then walk over to the most mutilated and damaged carcass in order to more closely observes how they killed these creatures (our experience form earlier that day still fresh in our minds.) The solder then asks for my opinion on the body and I scramble mentally for a response as I quickly survey the corpse. I then notice something odd about a bone in the back of the Giant’s hand and I pull it out gently. On a random impulse, I slde the bone into my own hand. Suddenly the carcass becomes animate as it mirrors my movements. I then wake up. What did this mean?