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Roof is leaking during a rain and

Roof is leaking during a rain and am collecting buckets to catch the warer opejing curtains so the dont get wet and Am thinking of repairing the roof.

I woke up on the floor of

I woke up on the floor of my room and looked up at my spotted curtains but my visiin felt strained and it was double, i couldn't see what was right in frount of me. I was running late so i tried to get up but wjen i did i was right back to the same spot i woke up. This continued fpr wjat felt lile forever till i fot in my real bed and went to sleep where i woke up for real.

I was helping a elderly woman in

I was helping a elderly woman in her home cleaning, there was a room w open entrance it was like a sittng/sun room. it was rectangular and windows lined the wall facing the open entrance. there was a sofa and chairs coffee table... in the room. there is no one in the room. i did not enter the sitting/sun room at the time i was helping the elderly woman. i am somewhere else now having a meal at a small table idk who was to my right but a woman w no face to my left is my sister and next to her is a friend named kathy. the lady to my right asked me about work, i was telling her about the elderly lady and her home, while i was speaking a rocks glass slid by itself off a shelf hit the ground behind me and broke. then i was back at the elderly ladies home and i was in the sitting /sdun room approaching the windows they have white lace curtains at first glance but the closer i got to the lace curtains i could see they are dingy yellowing from age. i can sense a spirit there when i lean to touch the curtains a forbidding scary dangerous feeling comes from them, dont touch the curtains n do not enter that room.

I was in school and the teacher

I was in school and the teacher was showing us porn to teach us. When I went out of the classroom I was very embarrassed and blushing and walked out. I had sex with a boy during class too. It was time to go home and I went outside where it was already nighttime. I saw my friend run up to me and we hugged and jumped, she also brought a friend with her. We decided to walk home together even though I was beginning to forget where I live. We stopped at a store where she wanted to buy a snack and her friend said no because she thought I didn't have the money to buy a snack too. But I bought an ice cream. We started walking again and we separated somehow and I ended up in a gym where there were curtains. You had to choose the right curtain and have sex in it. If you chose the wrong one, you would explode the dynamite. There was a sex instructor and she was very pretty and was secretly evil. I never got to go home even after finding my friend again.

I was in a front room the

I was in a front room the curtains moved by themselves then my mom came in to the room the room started vibrating the sound gone and we collapsed slowly