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a young woman with orangeish blonde hair

a young woman with orangeish blonde hair had run away form her family this older couple allowed her to stay in their home the woman had been shown to a room and laid down to go to sleep for the night as it was late. in the morning the older woman went to wake her up and as the younger woman lifted her head up from the pillow this large orange spot with clumps of hair in it was left on the pillow the older woman screamed at the younger woman and told her to go get cleaned up. once the young woman had been cleaned up it could be seen that she was pregnant and the baby was due to come at any point. the old woman called the healer of their village to help the young woman who it could be seen was just a young girl not much older than 10 or 12 years old the girl was then asked to let the old woman and her husband go through her bag. when they did so they found many different kinds of drugs most of the bottles almost empty some completely empty. then the girl stared screaming it seemed that she was giving birth and when the baby came the old couple took the girl to court where they ended up fighting against the girl and her parents for custody of the baby. in the end the girl got to keep the baby.

I had a dream about stumbling upon

I had a dream about stumbling upon a girl who was murdered, and immediately felt the need to gather evidence to find the murderer. I worked with a female detective, and went to a house in the city to gather evidence. I found hair and blood evidence at the house. The detective I was working with found the murderer while he was in his car, in traffic. He tried to run over the people ahead of him to get away from the police. The murderer was taken into custody, and I gave the evidence I found to the detective.

It started out that I was going

It started out that I was going to a boarding school, and my mom worked there. I saw my friend maddie and this guy sean, and we were all friends. then aliens came and tried to over take the school and we had to fight them off. My mother got killed. after we had gotten rid of the aliens, my friend sean and maddie gave me some type of psychedelic drug and all i could see was a whole bunch of colors. When my vision went back to normal I had a child with sean all of a sudden, and i decided to stay at the now abandoned boarding school. Sean and I had split custody, but every time it was his turn to take her, he would get high and forget.


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