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I am having this same repeated dream

I am having this same repeated dream about 2 or 3 times a month of a friend of mine that is a man. I've known him for many years since we was in elementary school. Now I'm 26. I only like him as a friend. But in my dream his mother was telling me "I'm so grateful that you are with my son, you changed him to the better and I'm so lucky to call you my daughter-in-law". Also in my dream, me and her son had 2 daughters and they were running around playing. Any clue of what this dream is meaning? Is it some type of vision or is God trying to tell me something?

In my dream I was with my

In my dream I was with my granddaughter looking at a large family picture album. There were two other people there but I don't know who they were - possibly my son and daughter-in-law. I noticed that there were only pictures of my daughter-in-laws family in the album. My granddaughter said "That's ok. I have one of my own." She got a smaller picture album and we looked at it together. There were pictures of all our family except for me. There were not any pictures of me in the album.

I had gotten a new house with

I had gotten a new house with my fiance. We were straying there for the first night and we were already having issues with the dryer. Despite the fact, we fell asleep in or new room until I'm the middle of the night I heard something. I woe my fiance up and asked him if he heard something, and he said it was just the rain. I told him to listen again, because I heard voices. We got up to find his mother (who was actually my manager at work and friend, but in my dream his mom) talking on the phone saying "we cannot get the dryer to turn off. My daughter-in-law and son are here and could die! This is unacceptable!" She then turned to us and I suggested that we stay at my parents' house. We all agreed and we stated posing when my female cat ran into my room. I said "ooh yeah, we'll have to get the cats." And then she launched herself at me and I noticed her eyes dilated and her mouth foaming. I grabbed her collar as soon as I realized it was rabies and started to twist it in order to kill her and protect myself.