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I was with a girl, Denise. She

I was with a girl, Denise. She lives in Canada, and she came to my house in my dream and it took me by complete suprise. We had fun playing video games, we went for a walk, and we ate a bunch of food together and laughed. We played scrabble together and she kept saying that the words I where putting down weren't real words and we thought that it was hysterical. But when I turned away from her to get something, I turned back and she was gone. I panicked and I cried and I searched everywhere for her and then she came down the stairs behind me and a little distant voice said that she was just off to take her medication, but I never once turned around to see her on the stairs, I just knew she was there, but I didn't see her.

randy , larry, denis, and I go

randy , larry, denis, and I go to the LB aquarium we are out in the part where the open pools are you can touch the very small sharks and other things, then I see a cute little ray like 8 inches and reach to touch it.. we are standing right up next to the tank suddenly a huge shark, like 10 ft is in this 2 ft deep tank, and as im touching th ray grabs my hand, and eats all the fingers of my left handlol Denis jumps to action and throws his SHOE off and ties off my hand ... with his SOCK! Denis = "WHO THE BLOODY HELL PUT A GIANT SHARK IN THIS TANK?"directed at the girl in charge of the tank Denis = "then looking at me says "AREN YOU SMARTER THAN THAT TO PET A 10FT SHARK, GOOD GOD WOMAN LOOK AT YOUR HAND" Randy= is screaming in the background and flailing himself at things like a scene from airplane and said something to the effect of" oh the humanity!" Larry = is frozen standing and staring at us, but cannot move or speak i can finally open my mouth to yell "SHARK! Denis = "says good lord its a bit late for that dont you think?