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Incels forced to turn tricks to survive

Incels forced to turn tricks to survive after crypto collapse. Shortages of Astroglide made overseas make it even more terrible. Memes of despair everywhere....

The dream started at my house. My

The dream started at my house. My brother and I were home alone. Then these black vans surrounded our house. I remember being told to "watch out for black vans." I try to get my brother up, saying we have to hide, but he didn't believe me. As one of them walked up to the house, I slammed the door shut and locked it. Sometimes we leave our front door open for fresh air. After I did that, they left us alone for a while, but they were still watching us, watching our every move. I tried to call my mom, or 911, but I guess the men did something to our service too. So we hid and waited. Then I got the bright idea (why, dream me, why) of trying to run to the neighbors house and ask for help. My brother and I took the back door out, but the men were still encircled around the house. They got a hold of me, my brother escaped. They took me to this abandoned, overpopulated house that was in terrible shape. It was in the middle of downtown San Diego, I'm surprised no one saw it. By overpopulated I mean it was filled with other kids I knew, who were also all abducted. We were allowed to roam freely around the house, we just had two unofficial rules to live by. 1: Don't try to escape. 2: DON'T anger The King. We also had these weird tracker collars. They would send signals to The King, and he'd send his little men in black vans to go and kill us, and the black van men were everywhere in the outside world. Who is The King? He's the head honcho, the big kahuna of that house. No one knows who he is, or his motives. In fact, no one knew why we were taken here. Nothing bad was happening (yet), but we knew something sinister was brewing underneath. We were scared shitless. One day, The King revealed himself. He was a short, squatty man, but had the face of a sour lemon. He had a sword tucked in its sheath in his belt loop. He didn't announce him as The King, we just all kind of figured, since he looked way way older than the rest of us. He would just walk around the house, as if he was on patrol. If he didn't like the way you look, he'd kill you. If you attempted to kill him (many did), he'd make sure you die the most brutal death. He was terrifying. I avoided him at all costs. What I saw from him was unfathomable. A transgender boy was having a mental breakdown and wasn't in the right mind. He confronted The King, pleading on his knees that he'd let him go. The King looked down at the boy. "You want to be a boy right?" The kid looked up, a little taken back by this comment. "What does that have to do with anything!?" The kid responded with, getting more frustrated and angry. "I'll help you pass better as a boy." The King grabbed him by his fluffy, pretty-long-for-a-boy hair, and scalped him with his sword. Like, he cut off his hair, and scalp, so all you could see was his brain. He fell over dead. The King did all of this with such a deadpan face. He turned to the boy's body, spat on it, and muttered, "Tranny pig." Everyone watching, and there was a lot of them, turned away once The King turned to walk away. This man was a monster. I saw a lot of kids I knew there, who were from school, dance, the neighborhood, etc. I saw a girl I knew from school and cheer leading on the verge of death, anothr cheerleading classmate, who was also her best friend, cradling her, crying. The King shot the dying one in the thigh, because she tried to escape, leaving her to die slowly. It was pretty merciful, compared to the other methods of punishment. This broke my heart. The two most popular and joyous girls I knew were at utmost despair. Throughout the dream, I could only think about my parents and my brother. Flash forward to another day, I'm walking around the house, like usual, with the rest of the "herd" of abducted children, and I meet up with that one girl who was cradling and crying over her dying best friend. We talked a little, she's very damaged because of what happened to her best friend. She tells me we need to escape. That her friend's death cannot be in vain. I'm very reluctant, but I'm pretty fast on my feet. I agree. We climb over the wall, and run a couple meters from the house. I look back, and I understand why no one sees the kids, or anything that's occurring in that house. There's some sort of protection field that makes it still look like its abandoned from the outside. The sirens go off. Green lazor lights are everywhere. Those represent the locations of the Black Van Men. We make it as far as the freeway. We try to remove the collars but we can't. Then I wake up.

The circus was in town, and although

The circus was in town, and although her parents couldn’t take her, they gave her older brother, Max, money for admission and snacks, and she and Max went. They found their seats, four rows up, and Max pointed at the clowns and the elephants. She loved the animals, the colorful costumes, the loud music, and the laughs and cheers of the crowd. Max excused himself to go to the concessions stand, but he didn’t return. The show ended, and he was nowhere to be found. After calling for him and searching for what seemed like an eternity, she started to cry in despair. She felt the kind hand of a teenage girl on her shoulder, and the teenager directed her to a group of teen girls who were chatting and giggling with Max.

I dreamt that I had been bitten

I dreamt that I had been bitten by a zombie. I survived. It was a small bite. I told my husband I needed to say goodbye before the final changes took over and I began to get red vision. I understood in the dream once my vision flashed over to a red veil, I was close to turning. Until then, I was safe to be around. I desperately wanted to hold my child (2 year old son). I wanted to kiss him and cuddle him. I began to think I might be immune, and the zombie virus wouldn't take me over. But then, I began to get the red flashes. I gave my son back to my husband and told him to keep him away. I couldn't bare the thought of hurting him. And not being able to hold him was almost worst than death. My husband looked at me both with love and hate, disappointment. I was of the understanding he would be the one to kill me off. Then I woke up and got my ass out of bed... I was in such emotional despair.

I am 12, 13 next month. I

I am 12, 13 next month. I am at my high school getting ready to get married. The groom was a boy from my primary school, who had a crush on me for 3 years. As the hours drag on, he never turns up. I am a very anxious person, I worry and fear just about everything. I am getting scared and nervous. Is he ditching me??? My dad and brother go out to get him. They come back and mouth "we found him!" I am filled with relief and happiness until he walks through the door. Not my fiancée...a boy from my high school class. (I have never had a crush on this boy or found him crushable.) I tell him that I'm sorry but I can't marry him, but he is very nice and handsome. The dream ends with me in my wedding dress, and an intense feeling of despair. *I got my "fiancée"'s number in real life, we used to text. But whenever I text him now he completely ignores me. My friend told me "he's over you." a couple of weeks ago. This actually made me really sad, although I refused to show it, and said "good."* Hope you can interpret my dream, it's really bugging me xox

Had an extremely vivid dream that I

Had an extremely vivid dream that I died of a heart attack and became a ghost. When I was told by a female ghost that I died, the despair and hopelessness that I felt was unbearable. That ghost also told me that I've already died six times in my life from small heart attacks in my sleep throughout the years.