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I am a girl, so here I

I am a girl, so here I am in a lunchroom cafeteria with some people but a girl I have a crush on and I know she like me is sitting next to me. I say I have to get lunch. I get up go to the line and the lunch lady won't give the fancy lunch so I talk to her and get a sandwhich, I go back to my lunch table and eat my food and dessert. While I finish the dessert the girl I have a crush on asks me for some of the chocalate that's inside my mouth so she shows me with her eyes that means her wanting to kiss me. But she wants me to kiss her so I kiss her on the lips French style in front of everyone but they don't see. Or care.

I dreamed that i was at a

I dreamed that i was at a venue watching a band perform. i was sitting non a couch and a celebrity from the band Green day was on stage performing spoken word. then he stopped and put on a the ending credits of a movie. my friend and i were confusd and asked him what was that. he said that i was missing out on life because i was on my phone. then i was in a giant building looking for the bathroom. it looked and felt desserted. there was grafitti on the was and i was getting an erie feeling. then the guy from the band green day came and showed me where it was. i went in to pee but couldnt and it was an open bathroom stall with only curtains to block me from view but i could still see other people from the top