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it's hard to blame them because If

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Dream: My New love in my life

Dream: My New love in my life had the Dream.. He's 19, From Nigeria..and he's allowed himself to Love me like no one else I've ever known... Today he dreamed that he came to America, he got into a fight with my current spouse.. After the fight he saw me giving birth to 2 beautiful babies a boy name Mitchell & a girl name Michal, he said he then took me, the 2 new babies & my 2 daughters with him to Nigeria... While we were in Nigeria he saw me in a Red Gown.. He then saw My Pastor.. He said my Pastor called me & him on a Stage and said he wanted to reward us for being the Number one Givers Financially in ministry.. He gave us Rewards & he also said he had a Gift for us. Significant Life Events: Leaving a unhealthy relationship & embracing this new Love in my life. I have No Fears!! But I've been frustrated in this current marriage relationship Background: I'm 40. African American. I'm a Customer service Representative. I'm a Female Mental Illness Or Depression: No Location: I'm in America. I Indiana Feelings About People: With my current Spouse its awful.. I want to leave home immediately.. With the young man who had the dream I Love him very dearly.. My 2 Girls I Love them more than anything.. The 2 twin babies I don't know them... My Pastor is a very very special man to me Relationship Status: Married When And How Often: Thursday, May 12th. No not recurring dreamer47258 Dream Lover Posts: 1 Joined: May 12th, 2016, 11:50 am

I am in a coffee shop or

I am in a coffee shop or diner. It's very busy. My friend works there and I sit at the counter eating breakfast, and drinking coffee. It's early morning hours and dark outside, and snowing. All the waitresses have pony tails and aprons on. Surrounded by waitresses or women. My ex is eating breakfast with is friend, my friends husband. I'm nervous and fearful he will see me. I'm really scared to see him. My heart is breaking because I want to talk to him but I'm afraid. He see's me and I act like I don't see him. I turn away from him and talk to his friend Scott. My ex stands behind me trying to get my attention. He puts his chin on my shoulder because I have my back toward him. He comes up behind me and holds me very tight. I won't turn around. He talks to me. He asks me if I still love him. he tells me he misses me and thinks about me, and he says he loves me. I finally turn around and break down crying and put my face on his chest. He hugs me tight. I feel relief. I feel loved. He drops a bag but ignores it and continues to hold onto me not letting go. I stoop down to pick up the stuff and it's cakes, doughnuts, cheesecake, cookies, candy and he won't let go of me, his arm is still around me gripping me tight. I give him the stuff back and I finally tell him how much I miss him. He rejects me and tells me it's over and walks out the door, and I start crying. I chase after him and scream in a high voice how angry I am that he has left me there crying. He laughs at me. Some girl calls and I answer the telephone, her name is Diana, she asks my friend if I'm okay. We realize she is my ex's new girlfriend. I feel rejected, and ashamed. I feel I have no pride left. My boyfriend had bangs, his hair is brown and casually styled. Very relaxed. He's wearing a greyish blue sweatshirt and jeans. Hes carrying a white plastic bag full of sweets. He is shocked and happy to see me.

a partire dai curatori della collezione, a

a partire dai curatori della collezione, a cui si rivolge Berlu? a che servono se ormai questo ?il quadro post elettorale con gufacci e civette che sperano in gran casinocausato prima di tutto dal porcellum per salire sui trespolipi?alti del paese ,quali. a avoué à son entourage que sa fille avait du mal à sadapter à la vie plus modeste quelles avaient désormais. lacteur d'"Avengers", Ma per Bersani non c'?nessuna polemica con il giovane Renzi. Zachary Quinto se révolte contre des politiques radicales et notamment chrétienne qui blment lhomosexualité: "Ça me rend fou de savoir qu'il y a tant de partis et d'associations chrétiens qui adoptent des positions anti-homosexualité avec une telle hargne et qui vont à l'encontre des principes du christianisme". attaccato alle sue abitudini domestiche (i pi?intransigenti camerati gli rimproveravano la pennica pomeridiana e il braccino corto, LiLo à cause de ses nombreuses cures de désintoxications et de ses problèmes judiciaires et Liz pour sa vie amoureuse plus que tumultueuse. Newsletter

From what I remember of my dream

From what I remember of my dream last night, I was in a wheel chair grocery shopping with a random person who I knew as my best friend and two really good female friends. We were playing around until I was set aside because my best friend thought I was flirting with the girl he liked. Pissed off, I wheeled out of the store passing an elementary school friend and started wheeling all the way home through Randleman (2003 version). As I came closer to my house, I realized that a volcano had erupted and the city was in chaos. Before I reached home, there was an outdoor town meeting held by the guy who found the titanic that I stopped by to hear what was going on and catch my breath. Losing interest, my eyes wandered and I noticed Catwoman from Batman Returns creeping around the crowd. She was somehow captured by Nicholas Cage and unmasked on CNN as viewed by Lord Rayden from the first Mortal Kombat movie as he carefully ate a hungry man TV dinner next to Indiana Jones.

i was cleaning my house and when

i was cleaning my house and when i looked out my window greg my first love was standing their talking to a child whom was pointing at my house i became very scared. my husband maurice left out the front door and greg came in i told him iwas going to get in trouble maurice was coming back so greg ran up stairs next my co-worker diana scott came from up stairs and grab my hand and said how long have you been married i said almost 4 years and she said you have a man upstairs. next greg was in my kitchen cooking ground beef and my grand kids were waiting for the food then i woke up

I dreamed Jacob and I moved into

I dreamed Jacob and I moved into a luxury suite in my old dorm at Indiana State, where -- apparently -- many of my old schoolmates still lived. Then I dreamed that on a dark street, a druggy-looking prostitute started skipping in circles around me trying to get me to contract for his services. THEN, I dreamed that at the Easter Vigil at St. Peter's Episcopal Church, Chicago, a guy who was supposed to read instead walked to the tabernacle, took out a ciborium full of hosts, scattered them all over the altar, and then proceeded to do a liturgical dance by candlelight, being roundly booed and hissed and finally manhandled out of the church so that the deacon could proceed to read the Gospel. Later in that dream, the liturgy stalled for an hour when the acolytes couldn't get the candles lit.