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I was in a car with my

I was in a car with my wife approaching a highway in the dark and I had to choose to go left or right. I chose Right Lane. The city seemed familiar so I felt like i had made the correct choice. Next thing i knew we were no longer on a road but in a muddy grass area that I had to push the car over a hill and onto the road. I remember thinking "How did i have the strength to push the car on my own?" Next i went to this house and asked for directions and help. There seemed to be a lot of dogs and they were crowding my feet and impeding my walk but not really attacking me. Several of them held my first two fingers of each hand in their mouth. Not biting me but restricting me. The next thing I knew I saw a lady and knew who she was. The thing is I only saw her head above my head in the air. Her name was Mary Maiden. I said I know who you are! You are sweet Mary the wife of Pastor Michael . She smiled and was glad I recognized her. I asked if Micahel was home as I was looking for directions to the highway. She said no but pointed me in a direction. Then Michael came home from being gone and she said oh wait Michael is here and told him I was looking for some Directions. He said something and smiled but I didn't feel he really engaged me. He might have given me some directions. I said to Mary "can you help me with these dogs? " She called them off and I helped push them off and ran to the car and drove off. Smiling I remember telling my wife, "Hey I knew that guy." What a small world. Then i drove off. I got on A road that was lit with street lights. End of dream.

I was driving with my friend Monica

I was driving with my friend Monica to go hang out at my friend Dustin's house. We were driving at night and talking to him on the phone getting directions to his house. We arrived but all the lights were off at his house, so we got out of the car and started walking up to the door. The driveway was long and dark. We were still talking to him on the phone and we got nervous going up to the doorstep. He last minute told us we had to leave because something came up. We were really disappointed and tried to convince him to still spend time with us. Monica left, and Dustin told me to come alone. I came into the dark house and felt scared. I sat down on the couch next tp him while he was watching television. I thought about trying to sit close and see if he tried to be intimate, but he kept watching the television like i was not there.

I was in a college taking a

I was in a college taking a class. I was slower than the other students, so the professor tasked me with taking her computer screen and bringing it to her office. But she never told me where the office was, so I wound up wandering the entire college. I entered another class to ask for directions, but the professor glared at me and said nothing. I entered another office, but I got yelled at. As I wandered about the college, a blonde girl stops me, smiles, and says "You're everywhere, dude!"

I dreamt that i was in the

I dreamt that i was in the passenger side of my friends car, we were driving on a dirt road and i was supposed to be giving her directions. the road was curving but because i didnt tell her to curve left with the road. she went right into the shallow part of the lake and blamed me as if was my fault.

I dreamed in was in a car

I dreamed in was in a car giving directions. I told him to go left but he was driving so fast we went right into the creek. We got out ok but my sister wanted to try and ouch the car out. So we all went back in to get the car out of the creek until the fire department and police came at nighttime. I felt guilty because I should have given my direction sooner

I;m traveling alone on a city train,

I;m traveling alone on a city train, going somewhere I've never been before and I always need directions on how to get back on train

It was strange, to make it short,

It was strange, to make it short, I was running from someone or something, and I realized somehow that I was dreaming, before I looked info about lucid dreams and know a few tricks to confirm you're dreaming, so I tried in my dream to look my hands, and I did. I asked myself, am I dreaming? And so a ran out of a door on an outer space and immediately looked back to see if that someone or something was following me, it wasn't. Is like I clicked in my dream and the whole dream changed. I saw as well that there's a device you put in your head before you go to sleep that lights a red beam in your eyes during the night, and you can see it when you're dreaming, so I looked up in the sky to see if I could find it but I didn't cause I don't have the device, but I remembered and looked up! Everything inside my dream... I knew I was dreaming. I was tryna figure out where I was and so I saw a door with blurry white letter written on it, I couldn't read it, but I saw a logo, I believe it was 2 triangles with stripes face opposite directions ( one up and one down) ^v ... what does that mean? I've been trying to look for the logo or symbol and I can't seem to find anything relevant...

I dremp that deer are running from

I dremp that deer are running from something and they are running in all directions , I feel confused and scared , this dream repeats itself night after night .