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I was in Disneyland with my aunt,parents,and

I was in Disneyland with my aunt,parents,and little sister. We went in this discovery cave and I found a purple glassy rock. I was showing everyone and they gave it back and were leaving. I saw a shadowy smokefigure fly by quickly. So, I ran t catch up and I started feeling sick and when we were done I had bloody marks on my wrist and arms. So, I showed them and my aunt said the rock was from the Egyptian days. We were leaving down the stairs and my chest felt heavy and it was hard to walk. We decided to go to the hotel and I started panting then I had a black silky dress on and I grabbed a scarf that was violet and had a new voice saying something about Cleopatra and we were going to the emergency place and this fortune teller wouldst read my future no matter how much I asked and I was really out of breath than I woke up sweaty.

I was at Disneyland visiting my friend

I was at Disneyland visiting my friend who had a summer job as a onsite nurse. And this boy in my year was dressed as sleeping beauty and that was his job. So we were fixing this parade float and we get called to an emergency at a ride. There was a shooting with poison darts and people queuing up to the ride had been hit, including the princess guy. also so we walked past them all as the people at the back had been worst hit. Near the back was my ex - boyfriend. And I walked past him to try not to make contact. but me and my friend had to split up to deal with everyone. she left me with the casualties to try and find out what happened. and she went up to the princess boy and he said it was a bear. then he died in her arms. so my ex-boyfriend comes up to me to get help and he is bleeping from were he was hit and he is screaming and crying in pain. so I pick him up and carry him to the hospital nearby while he sucks my cheek for comfort from the pain. so we get to the hospital and they take him to the operating room and gave him anaesthetic. But he was poisoned and the doctors told me I needed to suck his blood to save him from the poison. But I was like I'm not a vampire so they gave me fake fangs and I put they on. so they I had to suck his blood to remove the poison. Then I was sitting by his hospital bed and he woke up and he was ok.