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This was about something that looked like

This was about something that looked like a dog but I felt this was not true. Whatever it was seemed evil. i was in a store that had been turned into our house. The glass display windows and doors were still there so everyone could see into the house. We could also see everything outside. I see a black and white dog trying to get in through the glass door. The tighter I tried to hold the door closed the easier it was for the dog to become liquid like and seep through the cracks of the door. It was able to get in far enough to nip me on the side of my face. Once the dog was inside my father came out of another room and saw a child kneeling next to my bed. I knew this was not a child. I felt the dog and transformed itself into the child. I still felt the evil in the child was the same evil that had existed when it was a dog. I kept trying to communicate this to my father but could not speak the words.