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A guy I like (a lot), L,

A guy I like (a lot), L, and my best friend (who I am kind of mad at for ditching me and lying about it) were sitting at my dinner table and L offers up some sort of pills for us and we get super high and out of it. My friend and L are talking and completely ignoring me and it seems like everything I try to say is stupid and annoying so I run up to my room and when I finally come back down they're gone? And then I offer some xan to some dude I start talking to and he throws the bars on the ground on purpose in front of police for no reason? What does this mean??

I was in P.E class getting ready

I was in P.E class getting ready to play volleyball with my class. My class was Co-ed (guys and girls). I was very quiet in this class. My turn was to kick. I was being teased, but I ended up kicking the ball pretty good. Still was being laughed at. I got in this girl's face. Cussing back and forth to each other (as some of the other students join in, Including some guy who I had a thing with) (this guy was around 5'8,cuban,about 18, wearing mostly black, with sort of a gangster appearance) . So the P.E teacher came by to break things up and told the class to go inside. As we're lining up, I call out "Hey" to the Cuban guy I use to have a thing with. He notices my call, but doesn't fully stop so we can talk. I wanted to thank him for defending me with the kickball drama. So I pulled his arm. He proceeded with a "what, what do you want". I say "thanks for that". He response with "Ya". I try to get him to stop and talk more as I grab his arm and say "please". His response "Stop, okay just stop" than he began to slowly walk away. At that point I proceed to the P.E classroom door, open it, he's about 5ft away from me and at that point says "Lets ditch". I agree and follow behind him.