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I'm at a dock, in front of

I'm at a dock, in front of me is a town and its full of people I don't know but I know that they're happy. Behind me is a factory or warehouse that I've never been in. There are people on the docks but I don't know them and I don't trust them, they don't feel right. To my left there is the ocean and a set of stairs leading down to a beach. There is a guy living in the cave on the beach and I go down to see him though I don't know if I know him all I know is that something bad is coming and its safe in his cave. As a walk down the stairs I see a ship coming towards the beach, its still a fair way off but I can feel that it's wrong, that it's dead. When I reach the bottom of the stairs the dream splits I'm turning to look at the cave and there are two versions side by side - two beaches, two caves and two 'me's. In the good version the beach is lovely and the guy is happy in his little cave but I can't go in, I speak to him for a minute and he's happy, I'm happy the world is ok. In the bad version there's blood on the beach and the guy is lying on a table in the cave, dead and mutilated. In both version I back away from the cave and the cave seals off. In the good version there's a sign or plaque next to where the cave was and the beach is still pretty. In the bad version there is a sign but its worn and ugly and the beach is now soaked in so much more blood and I'm covered in it. In both versions the ship is getting closer and it scares me. I go back to the stairs and as the beach falls out of view the versions meld back together and there's only one dream. At this point I know that it is a dream and that something bad is moments from happening. The factory opens up and trucks start driving out. They're covered in bodies wrapped in linens. The drivers don't get out and I run up to the first one and I beg them to go away, there's a town, everyone will die. The driver knows, he is government of military and he knows that he will die, that I will die and that everyone in the town will die but its his job and his sacrifice and he stays in the cab and waits to die. The people on the docks have stopped. Literally they have just stopped nothing moves and except for the ship, which is now just about at the beach, and the body on the top of the pile on the first truck - its starts moving and I start running. I run in to the factory and there is just a whole lot of shipping containers. The back wall of the factory is covered in holes which are rather large and square and pitch black. I climb on top of one of the shipping containers. The ship has reached the beach and everything outside is going to hell. Inside the factory the dead are starting to come out of the back wall, they're climbing out of the squares and on to the wall, they don't see me yet but for some reason it feels like the shipping container I'm on is tilted and I start slipping. Now they've seen me and they're coming for me and I'm slipping and I'm going to die.

I am driving the car, I collect

I am driving the car, I collect an older man and small child on the way and they sit in the back seat. The man gives me the directions on the way to go, he knows the way, a shortcut. I think we are going to the airport. We go off the road, across paddocks where dead horses have been dumped, like a farmer would do on a farm with dead animals but they are not rotting, they look mummified. I try to avoid the piles as we come across them because I think it will scare the child but the man is not concerned. The last pile I remember is a big pile of horses heads, distinctive like they have been mummified. They are strong looking black horses with flowing manes.

I was asked to look after a

I was asked to look after a small boy and then a woman offered to take me to the "boondocks" I found alternative care for the wee boy and went with the woman. As we were driving I noticed people in tents on a hill, they had their leg out one end and their heads out the other, as we rounded the corner we noticed Humpbacked whales in a cove and they were photographing them. The woman began to speed claiming she needed to turn so we could watch the whales, I was really worried and begged her to be careful. Finally got to watch the whales though I had to keep squeezing in to let cars past. As we drove away the whales began to swim away and the road and car became submerged under water and the whales swam across the road. I was then in an old firehouse that was frozen over and when 2 people I was with went down the pole they crashed through the ice into the water. I woke up.

At work playing a game of

At work playing a game of something that seems like The Sims. I'm looking at the screen and can't and now it becomes reality. I'm not myself. I'm somebody else. A white female. I don't know what I look like and I'm with my mom and brother and boyfriend/husband. the boyfriend/husband has a dog and he's in my possession. We're walking on the beach which later turns into a place for swimming practice but it's in a public place. We're at the docks and I see a sign that says something like "No Dogs $1.00 toll". We disburse but I'm with dog and don't leave as quickly with my family when I see an officer. I see a pitbull breed on my left with his owner and I see another dog with his owner on my right. I'm scared because of the $1.00 toll but I don't see the officer anymore. My fear shifts from that and I become scared again because I see the dogs are getting ready to attack my dog. I don't know how we get out but it seem mom comes back and takes the dog and he's in water playing some ways away. Mom and I are walking towards the entrance of somewhere else, but I'm not leaving my dog and go get him. People are coming and going from this place but I'm skeptical of going.