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In my dream, I entered a room

In my dream, I entered a room where the moment I entered a room after talking with my friend on a call outside of my room, a person rapped in black cloth suddenly fell in front of me. I was shocked and suddenlt, that person stood up with some injury on my face. I asked him are you okay..and he said. Yes. I asked him do you need help. He said no and said no body cares but it would be good if i can bring a doctor. What does this dream mean?

My wife died in my arms. The

My wife died in my arms. The doctors couldn't dol anything to help. While in the morgue I was preforming her autopsy and she gasp for breath. I couldn't find anyone to help. She had to tell me how to sew her up and fix what I had done.

I am in some place with my

I am in some place with my cousin, his wife and father. All of a sudden the attention is drawn to my left foot. There is a huge gaping wound. As if it was from self harm. But it was not from self harm. Two days ago, something fell on me, and i remember telling about it to my new aunt who lived in the house. It was as if she didn't believe me. When I try to tell my cousin's wife, that it was not self inflicted, I cannot recollect my aunt's name at all! And i cannot believe that i had simply let my wound open and unattended, despite being a doctor. My cousin finally takes his medical kit to staple my wound. He begins to clean it, asking how I have been. I ask if he's asking about my cough, he says yes. I say something about my cough, but before the wound could be stapled, I woke up.

In my dream I saw that I

In my dream I saw that I was in the current job that I was working past years it was like I was with my brother and I received a phone call from my nephew he was complaining to me to say he has not been working since days now and there is nothing to eat for him so after that I encouraged him that don't worry everything will be okay then I behold seeing three people bringing their brother to some people of shrines they started saying that we want our brother to suffer we want him to be miserable we want him not to be having money and those which doctors that are doing some rituals on him and they said he'll be having headache each time he thinks so I will seems like I was going in taking that person out from that line taking outside when I do that it will looks like he is still inside and take him outside the inside take him bring him outside then the last time they said do it no more for it is done so I started seeing that man immediately wake up from that line and he became exactly like as they were saying the man became miserable was looking like a mad person and the man started feeling headache as he was thinking and he touched in his pocket there was just a thin culture which is tired apart in his started crying in the way I am a families and he thought that my family's at the funeral then he started going there and finally I went to place which looked like a an antihil and I started preparing some wood so that I may make a fire then I worked up

In my dream I am Taylor Swift.

In my dream I am Taylor Swift. Who is supposed to go on a date with Joe Alwyn. But the setting is Delhi and she lives in a really rural busy area in a mob setting. She barely has a house but has a dad who's actually my dad and many siblings. She goes to get dressed and for some reason goes out of her house and cannot find her way back. The riot had started and between the ruins and the already dilipated situation of the location she cannot find it back. And she who is actually me keeps running in search of the house and everything is on fire. This is the second time I have seen this dream. During the first one the details were different but this time around its pretty much all to it. Every one is missing and its chaos and I am running for my life. This dream then changed to me as a police inspector who is running because there's a mob willing to kill them. She /I run and reach a hospital where the mob was killing the doctors. The murders were brutal. Single shot to the head with your brains coming out. By this point I usually have to convince myself that this is a dream and I wake up

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Interpreting dreams Available 701 Satisfied customers Chat with a Dream Interpreter in minutes, 24/7 Talk to doctors, lawyers, vets, tech support & mechanics 12,000+ Experts from Appraisals to Zoology Pearl Wilson Pearl Wilson, Dream Interpreter's Assistant Welcome! How can I help with your dream interpretation question? You Hi. I dreamt I was in a kitchen and then this family (it felt like I knew them but also like I didn't) were leaving the house and I asked them to buy me a food I'll pay them back. When they came back the mother brought Burger King for me, she put the bag on the kitchen counter and said here's my food and that I don't need to give her money. I thanked her and she left. I don't remember if I ate the burger or not but I do remember opening it and seeing its contents, I also found another burger but didn't eat in case someone left it there for later. Fast forward I'm still in the kitchen but I'm with this dude I know in real life who I don't really like and I feel like he has feelings for me in real life and he always calls me his best friend. Anyways, I'm with him and his 2 friends in the kitchen. So his one friend is like do you like her, will you ask her out, etc probably thinking I can't hear them but I can. Then they left the kitchen and went outside to do something but I don't remember what, and I was left with the one friend. Once they left the kitchen I walked up to the other guy and we hugged in a boyfriend-girlfriend kind of way (I don't know this person in real life or in the dream but it felt like I knew him). Anyways he had his arms around my waist our bodies were touching and we were smiling, laughing and acting all lovey dovey like a cute happy couple; I won't lie real life me was actually happy, blushing and curious about the guy. We spke about how funny it was the other guys didn't know we were dating and how he thinks he has a chance with me, etc. Then we heard the other guys coming back and we quickly broke apart and then I woke up from my dream. I'm really curious about the meaning of my dream and why I'm so interested and curious about the guy I was getting cozy with and why my heart seems to beat faster as I think of him.

I was hugging my boyfriend when he

I was hugging my boyfriend when he suddenly started moaning in a really high pitched feminine voice and peed on me. Then my teeth started falling out and we had to go to a jewish doctor.

I dreamed that I was going to

I dreamed that I was going to work, hunting demons and at the end of my shift (around 7 at night) a demon attacked me and I was left naked in the street walking disoriented and alone towards a hospital where there was a party, a colleague from work he gave me his coat and tried to cover me during the way, when I arrived at the hospital a doctor who was drunk and seemed to know me well treated me. He gave me shorts and I put them on, he offered me beer and I drank until I got drunk when I woke up I was almost completely alone and there was no light at all in the hospital, a girl was caressing me and when she realized I woke up she moved away from me ( only there was no light in the hospital) when I got up to leave I walked disoriented because I was still drunk and then the girl came up to me and helped me walk towards the exit (in the course of this it started to rain) and at the entrance of the compound there were a shadow that was familiar to me. when we approached the Gate (which was completely open and abandoned I saw the face of the person and it was my grandmother (she was throughout my distant childhood and she did not treat my mom well) she offered me decent clothes and a car to take me home, the The girl who was helping me without thinking rejected her and told her to leave and that it hurts me, so I angrily told the lady that I don't want anything from them and asked her "why are you so worried about me?" perhaps now that I'm better, do you think I need them?", she answered me with a simple "No", the girl then told her 'go away and don't bother him again, he is a very good person, he always cares about others and always she strives to improve" then I managed to see the face of the girl (and it turned out to be the girl from 16 of my other dreams with whom I had a mishap that is my responsibility and for that reason we stopped talking even though I apologized to her) when she It was my grandmother, I bent down and began to cry inconsolably and cursing her and all my paternal family, the girl tried to comfort me, I yelled at her and told her that she would leave me alone, she gave me a hug and kissed me on the mouth crying and everything this while it was raining with the force of a hurricane, so she ran away crying; and he left me alone I turned around for a moment he saw me and said through his tears "I wish you good luck" I walked very slowly up a hill and when I finished walking I arrived at what seemed to be my house I lay down at the foot of one of my apple trees that were producing fruit and the apples were a beautiful reddish-green color (I do have 2 little apple trees in my house, but they are quite young) from my house while it was still raining very hard. apple trees are very symbolic for me, they represent my acidic and not very warm childhood on the paternal side and sweet and comfortable on the maternal side, also my maternal Great-grandparents were extremely poor and ambitious farmers of Goat's Milk apple trees and potatoes. and in reality, whenever I am near an apple tree I feel peace, nostalgia and I am proud of my maternal family

Hospitalised telling my husband to tell the

Hospitalised telling my husband to tell the doctor to release me am now okay.in the ward I saw big rats with sharp teeth. One of them bit my daughter on her finger. Others started entering my vagina and I started pulling out one by one but the last one stuck inside my vagina and refused to come out