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I had a dream once where i

I had a dream once where i was at my house with my mom and my cousin. We were all sitting in my moms office watching tv when we suddenly heard the front door open. I remember thinking this was odd because it wasn’t five o’ clock yet and thats when my dad gets home so we knew it wasn’t my dad. My mom said to go check it out so I did and when I got there I remember seeing this old lady with a long nose and was kind of short lady. I think she was a witch. Anyways, when I saw her I just remember my mom, cousin, and I just screaming at the top of our lungs because we didn’t know who she was and then she started chasing us and she caught my mom and cousin first. Then I ran around the house for quiet a while until finally she caught me then I woke up.

I only remember there was an ancient

I only remember there was an ancient Indian ceremony and they said the way to heaven is going to show to true believers and the sky turned purple and the stars aligned together leading a purple line path to heaven but when I realized my kids where at home I left to go get them with there father so we can go to follow the line but when I went back there was fire and chaos within the worldly people and I had to save my husband from satanic police killers and we was running from them I kept praying and praying and I was trying to get them all out.. it was scary to think of heaven and earth and he'll at the same time in my dream... Then I appeared with old loves from Jr. High and then someone else and other members in a graduation party with alcohol and I wanted to give them my speech and tell them about the beginning of my dream only that I was still dreaming and I started crying and only some believed me and some didn't which I wasn't fully happy then I remembered these guy isn't my love.. My true love was the one I was trying to save in the beginning... I still kept praying.. I woke up worried for my kids self and world and true love and I also woke up scared of God and Jesus as to what they will say or if they will abandone me and my family here and the ones who are not evil on earth..

I had a dream one time where

I had a dream one time where I went to this water park with my friend named Jermaine he went to CCR with me and a whole bunch of other random people and there was all these like super dangerous rides and I was scared to ride them but the like counselor person told us it was for a contest against some other people at the water park thing so I was like whatever I'll do it and there was this thing where there was like a giant lake and there was a boat in the middle of it with buckets on it and your team had to throw the balloons and make it into the buckets on the boat that was like a mile away from us and I knew I wasn't gonna make it so I threw the balloon and it didn't even get close so this lady came up behind me and poured a giant tub of like yellow goo on me and I screamed and ran to the bathroom and tried to wash it off but when I got to the door there was this big group of girls and I didn't want to go in there so I walked around to see if I could find another bathroom but when I was walking around this guy like picked me up and took me up like a thousand stairs and strapped me to a chair for a ride or something and he went over to like a control panel thing and pressed a button and I went like flying through the sky in the chair and it just kept going backwards not down but just backwards for a really long time and then I woke up

The beginning of the dream, we my

The beginning of the dream, we my mom, siblings, and me were at my aunts house with her ex husband and my four cousins. They lived in a mansion which is unusual because they do not make much money and he didn't work, only my aunt did. My aunt was talking about moving to a littler place while he got a job and lived at the house to pay it off. Earlier in the dream on the way to my aunts I saw my ex and we exchanged looks. The dream continued but we seemed to be by old buildings and we were standing in a work shed by a gas station. People were walking around. There were these stairs that led up to a room at the top of the building, maybe an apartment. Suddenly, a big storm started to happen. It was a black, dust storm. It was very strong winds and it was throwing bails of hay everywhere. Two of my cousins are young and I saw them try to run out of the work shed and I grabbed her by the shirt as quickly as possible to get a grip and she still struggled to get outside. I finally got her a told her it was best to stay in away from the storm. The people were panicking because we didn't understand what was going on. All the dust made it nearly pitch black outside, you could see nothing past it. Teenagers were running up the stairs toward the room, and that's why my little cousin wanted to go. Out of nowhere, coming in from the storm I saw my ex walking toward the stairs with a lollipop in his mouth and he seemed happy. I looked around and people were still puzzled about the storm. Then I woke up.

I dreamt that I had been bitten

I dreamt that I had been bitten by a zombie. I survived. It was a small bite. I told my husband I needed to say goodbye before the final changes took over and I began to get red vision. I understood in the dream once my vision flashed over to a red veil, I was close to turning. Until then, I was safe to be around. I desperately wanted to hold my child (2 year old son). I wanted to kiss him and cuddle him. I began to think I might be immune, and the zombie virus wouldn't take me over. But then, I began to get the red flashes. I gave my son back to my husband and told him to keep him away. I couldn't bare the thought of hurting him. And not being able to hold him was almost worst than death. My husband looked at me both with love and hate, disappointment. I was of the understanding he would be the one to kill me off. Then I woke up and got my ass out of bed... I was in such emotional despair.