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I dreamt of kombucha. I started getting

I dreamt of kombucha. I started getting curious as to how kombucha gets fizzy, and a guy that I had liked but nothing ever happened with, well I wanted to ask him. I haven't talked to him in ages,k and keep thinking about it, even if I know we left on good terms and that I'm just wondering something fundamentally stupid. But anyway, I started asking everyone about the kombucha, and they all thought I was dumb, so I worked up the nerve to text him, and he replied about some acidic thing that I eventually understood. I kept going in and out of rooms, and it felt like his lack of attraction to me physically hurt, like I was physically in pain from him not understanding that I just wanted him to kjiss me. I told him that, I asked him if he wanted it too, and I honestly can only remember that this was because my best friend did it. Actrually she texted him that he tried to kiss me and I wasn't sure he was into it, and so he shouldn['t try again (even though I wanted him to desperately), and so I texted him that and he replied, he was kind about it, but then I saw one of my best friends cheating on her boyfriend (although they had broken up) with him, and it was quite strange but yeah.

I'm a guardian of a land in

I'm a guardian of a land in particular, keeping it safe and such I watch people do dumb things I watch someone dressed as a t Rex attempt to blend in with others I smoke a cigarette. Crazy how that taste never leaves you

I was being a dumb ass some

I was being a dumb ass some cute light skin i guess i was in California saw me and got my attention so he drove everywhere buying me anything i ask for then he was rolling me back to his crib i thought he was takin me home ... so his cousin rode pass and saw i was in the car and he said she not ypur girl .. then i was like im just a friend the he ask me what 17 year old do then from there we still in the car dude cousin pulls out a knife and try to threatening me so im a ole g not ahow i was scared so then the pretty light skin that was buying me things pulled out a box cutter and start flashing it in my face ... then i got out the car i ran finally i pick up a sharp object idk if it was Bc we was in the hot cailfornia heat i couldnt run as fast then i shook shook broke ankles try drive off in the car then the car stop .. after that they both was chasing me then i woke up

I was invited to spend time with

I was invited to spend time with someone I love, and they ignored me the whole time. When I tried to leave because I was upset that I was being ignored, he made it seem like i was dumb for leaving. Then I stayed.

I was handing out ice cream and

I was handing out ice cream and once everyone was done I cleaned it up. They were waiting to use our bathroom to clean up since we apparently couldn't eat right and got all our hands sticky. I was the last one to go in and wash my hands and stuff and he came in. We were just talking and all this nice stuff that I don't remember in detail but it was nice and happy. Then he just started to say how nice I was and all that jazz and me being a dumbass was being perfectly fine with it. I wanted to wash my hair in the sink cause it was hot out and I was sweating so he handed me the towel on the rank and wrapped it around my head when I turned off the water and was blinded by water. So he was drying my hair and just saying nice things until we heard something in the game room and say that it was my teacher lol just sitting there and waiting for something to happen

You decide you're going to throw a

You decide you're going to throw a little party at your house like a BBQ and you invite all your friends and some coworkers. Its a big get together between your friends and lizs. Anyways, its a good party and everyone is having fun. As the afternoon goes on however I start to come to the conclusion im the black sheep and the butt of all your friends jokes, im talking immediate friends not coworkers, so I play along and play nice tell one of them calls me an Ignoramus because of my opinion on the laws involving merry-Jane. So a few of these people start coming after me and the conversation seems to turn hostile. Well I turn for support from you and you have completely sided with these folks and have all agreed im just an idiot who knows nothing and is obviously half way retarded. Well im pretty peeved but then it gets really personal because in my dream you state "well guys dont be to harsh, he is not as educated as us after all and what he is getting his degree in is basically a glorified P.E teacher". I was so so pissed in my dream I told you to suck a dick and when I was leaving everyone was like yeah you're right Rochelle and he is so dumb he can only react with aggression because he has no other emotions he can understand.

I took the so called check or

I took the so called check or whatever from my grandmother by accident , rushed to get it back ended up not having it any more at all. when I tried to find him again I ended up in wc cafeteria. but it wasn't in the a building it was the gym trophy area. dula and magie were there and I told her how we were gonna move to Alabama , she playfully rejected and I told magie how ima take a plane there and how it would only take a hr to get there she gave a dumb response saying we would be in Atlanta if it took that long and dula told her to be quiet. that's when I realized I didn't have the check and I frantically went to the weight room where I saw my grandmother talking to about 3 students and she thought I was late and asked who I was, I responded exhausted head facing the heavens and said , it's me grandma.

I broke up with my boyfriend in

I broke up with my boyfriend in February. I was crazy about him but he ended up getting mixed up in some bad things and went to prison. ( I had no idea what he was doing illegally behind my back, when I found out I was dumbfounded) My dream starts at my house. My ex comes home. I am so happy to see him. we are all over each other. We go out side and run around with a bunch of people (play tag basically). When we get inside we go to my room. I remember about how he was gone and how he stole a car.. I want to ask him why he did that but I get nervous and he starts bleeding out of his mouth and ears ( it looks like he was bleeding internally). I wake up before I can ask him

It was my cousin she had a

It was my cousin she had a baby . Me & my family were on the titanic or something while it was raining & we were trying to get on those dumb little boats . & she got left behind but I had her baby & it was the size of my hand . & I was trying to keep it alive . Then it ended up being mine & I had her other daughter & we ended up at some gas station with go carts or something