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I was watching a bird trying to

I was watching a bird trying to get through a vent on top of a house that reminded me of my grandparents house (I could see the back yard). It was dim outside like dusk or a storm and all of a sudden I was inside the vent or air duct that the bird was trying to get into. It was pitch black and I was trapped and heard a frightening whispering growling voice. I don’t remember what it said if was real words at all. I immediately connected the voice to someone that works at the same place as me ( never really liked me) and who used to be a big boss but has sense lost that position. I felt really scared of the voice and then it was over.

I was in a barn on country

I was in a barn on country property and it was dusk. In the barn was a grey cat sitting in the middlle and surrounded by other animals like mice birds.suddendly looking around i saw seven golden and brown snakes wiggling just under surface of the ground heading towards the cat and it suddenly struck and wi ded itself around the cat but I tapped the snake lightly and said leave the cat alone. The snake stopped and chased the other animals in the barn. More snakes appeared and killing off the animals. They all stopped and looked at me and disappeared.But it didn’t scare and the cat survived

I am standing in a field next

I am standing in a field next to a forest. The field seems to extend forever in the distance, as does the forest. Farther away from me, there is a group of teenage boys and men. They look as puzzled as I in relation to where we are. Momentarily they stand in their group trying to comprehend their surroundings, and suddenly they scatter. Under attack from a monster, some fight and are killed, others run towards a shack that was previously not on the field. The monster chases them, but it is only a blur, and I cannot make it out. Reaching the shack, they open the metal doors and rush inside. Desperately trying to close the door while the monster tries to force itself inside, most people are pulled through the gap they are trying to close. All I can see of the monster are its claws, lion-like and sharp. They are trying to pry open the door, but they are closed eventually by the remaining teenager. He turns around, tired, and sees a little girl. Whether she was in the group before, I do not know. Perhaps she was already waiting in the shack? They introduce each other, and I think the boy’s name is Nick? The girl’s name is Jenny. Hours pass by in a flash forward, and I see them sleeping against the wall, Jenny huddled up next to Nick. She keeps it to herself that she and her sister were separated when they came to this bizarre world. She wants to find her sister, but is too scared to do it by herself. She looks up and I see her face. I see her black eyes. “Dear God,” she says, “please help me find her.” Then she closes her eyes. I never catch her sister’s name. “Jenny!” Her look-alike sister calls. “Jenny, where are you?” She is looking around, searching for her sister. There is a hole, a den of an animal, where she pauses after glancing at it. I am looking at her from inside the hole, as this is the monster’s den and I am the monster. I want to go finish off the last two intruders, but I refrain. I cannot kill them yet. Now one of the intruder’s relatives is right outside my home! I cannot kill them…but I can kill her. “Jenny?” She peers into the hole with an innocent curiosity. Then I attack. I pull her into the hole and bite her in the middle. She doesn’t make a sound as I drag her deeper into my hole, bleeding. Back in the shack, Jenny opens her eyes again. “Thank you, God.” She says, neither shocked nor scared that her sister had been dragged into the den and killed. It was almost a vision or dream she had witnessed, but from the monster’s point of view. Is she connected to the monster? The next morning (?), I see Nick and Jenny in the field. They are facing the sun which is coming up over the forest. Nick is pointing towards it. “They will come in from that way.” He says, looking down at Jenny. They seem to be predicting where an attack will come from, but I am not given a single hint as to whom is attacking. And everything is brighter; the sun is very orange and bright, unlike the dusk setting of Jenny’s vision. Still, the sun seems to make the place less lonely and foreboding, and as Nick continues to point towards the sun, I wake up.

My dream was unexpectedly lucid. Recently I

My dream was unexpectedly lucid. Recently I am getting very clear dreams, may be because of cough pills. But the dreams are strange. So yesterday I dream about this massive flood and thunderstorm. I am in a school which is at some height and from where you can see the thunders clearly. Its almost dusk. My friends and my cousin sister stand beside me as I decide to head alone, down the slope. So when I reach down, I see a massive layer of water washing away everything. Their are some girls who are screaming as they wash away. I am their too as I pop up into the wave counting my last breaths. And then I see I am transported back to the school premises. My cousin sister still stands there. Their is no way she is letting me stay and I don't ask her for me to stay. She prepares me to go down again while I ask for a sharp knife which is very much polished as I see it in my hand. I keep it to kill myself because I am afraid of drowning. Then all I do is pray for the flood to subside while the clouds began to clear overhead. (I am not sure though, I think they cleared) The end.

i was at a Walmart and was

i was at a Walmart and was looking at the electronics section where all the movies were so i looked and kept finding movies with the title Slender, Slender 2 , Slender 3 and all of them had criminals with ski-masks on and on the 1st they were black, 2nd they were white , third was blurred for some reason, then all of a sudden the setting changes into my school and it was dusk and unusually cloudy. The clouds were blue and i was with my friend and so we heard screaming in my science teachers 's class room so we entered and we saw someone's shadow and it was a child getting butchered so we stepped into the hallway and saw a blood trail so we followed. It lead towards the courtyard,Suddenly there was screeching and static electricity noised all around me and my vision became like a static TV with no reception and i was strangling my friend that i was slender. Then the dream ended