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I was in school and the teacher

I was in school and the teacher was showing us porn to teach us. When I went out of the classroom I was very embarrassed and blushing and walked out. I had sex with a boy during class too. It was time to go home and I went outside where it was already nighttime. I saw my friend run up to me and we hugged and jumped, she also brought a friend with her. We decided to walk home together even though I was beginning to forget where I live. We stopped at a store where she wanted to buy a snack and her friend said no because she thought I didn't have the money to buy a snack too. But I bought an ice cream. We started walking again and we separated somehow and I ended up in a gym where there were curtains. You had to choose the right curtain and have sex in it. If you chose the wrong one, you would explode the dynamite. There was a sex instructor and she was very pretty and was secretly evil. I never got to go home even after finding my friend again.

The dream starts out in my house.

The dream starts out in my house. There is my mother and sister on the couch and the light is on. Then the dream changes. Now I'm in a bedroom which seems like the attic. I'm lying in this bed, my sister is in it with me and my grandfather too. My grand ma is sitting in a chair at the end where my grand pa is. My grandpa is lying on his stomach and starts turning and moving all over the bed. We figure he's dying and I think that if I died I wanna die with god the last thing on my mind. So grandpa is still tossing and turning and I keep saying that he looks peaceful and then he dies and then the number 70 pops into my mind because god promised to give 70 years. Then it's like he disappeared and where back in the room. This time l'm asleep and sister wakes me up so seems evil and keeps trying to take all the space on the bed. Then the dream shifts to these girls it's summer and there having fun riding there bikes. There in the street in the middle part between the yellow lines and the concrete in their path is making the area the tires can sqeeze through smaller and smaller. Next it's this mini cliff in there way so they jump down it with there bikes. Again there going down the street then a mad men with a gun with a ski mask all dressed in black starts shooting at time with a machine gun. I see them trying to get away and I notice one girl gets shot in the back then the dream shifts again. Now I'm back in middle school but I'm still the same age and which is high school age and I walk in there wearing different clothes then everbody else. My shirt was red then one of my old classmates makes fun of me and says he bets that I can't even spell the word dynamite. Then I get a dictionary and on my way I notice this couple at a table there studying or something. Then the dream shifts to the news. The reporter says that there are different gods and dreams that they give you are long and lengthy and you have to choose which one to believe.

I was racing with 3 people -

I was racing with 3 people - james bond expierience I was in a green plane or car There was green blue and orange or pink And blue not me was winning then i got ahead in 1st place But the orange got out of the track and she landed in another country And when she did i had to stop And they asked me to go after her They put a map on a table And this yellow light was moving I was already in some kind of parachute And all they did is stick a hole close to the yellow as possible And then i teleported to where she was in the sky Which is why i need parachute And when i landed It reminded me of switzerland and venice also new york but a bit When i got to the person I saw mat damon Going in the store or restaurant for coffee or whatever but it was small and had long tables And i was rushing in happy to see mat damon And i was like OMG r u ok Im glad you are ok And then we all sat And i said why dont you come with us And she said uhh cuz im hurt And she showed us her elbow whih was dislocated And mat damon had some kind of technology to heal her And she twisted her elbow Ad she showed us again And she said uuh that does not look normal And then he fixed it And i told my brother who was there Sam come here I was telling him to come here because my parents were there in the new car that looked like a rogue Or is But there was also this dude who came by them in a cool silver race car And when i saw the car i said that car has no drivEr! And we went after it shooting the hollagram Even though we know its not a real person Then we wen after it and chase him in a corner And my mom asks mat did you get him And he says no angrily Then as soon as i get there Its night for some reason And i see a guy burning and mat yelling to a guy WHY DID YOU HAVE TO DO THAT And then i went closer to look at the guy screaming in pain of the flames along with a dog And then i saw everyone runnin away So i started to run but i was the last one then i saw this guy with dynamite in his hand so i guessed he was the one who put the guy in flames. And while i was walking around the corner almos at t the turn He joked about throwing a tnt at me But then wen i started walking once again He threw but i dodged it and i ran to where the flaming guy was And there where boxes there And i jumped on them one buy one But i saw that guy again and he just regugarated a dynamite from his mouth And he took it out And threw it at me and i got burn in flames But it repeated again and agian the same scene with the guy The 2nd or 3rd i ran back to the box He said something like amnesia or something that means repetition or whatever like deja vu but it sounded similar to amnesia cuz he. Said he forgot it so ten he started chasing Me and in one of the repetitions In the box scene i managed to dodge it but then he gets the dyno from his mouth And i run and im right beside him Almost about to get free but he throws it at me and i wake up saying to myself how am i ever suppose to beat that guy he teleports and has a bomb every second

I was in a horrible school that

I was in a horrible school that had a demon elevator. It swung back and forth as it went up and down and it started moving before the doors closed. There were more reasons why the school was so horrible, so a group of students got frustrated and fed up and decided to blow up the school. I was handed a gray stick that I guess was dynamite and someone lit it. I was trying to time my throw but it burned really quickly and began burning my hand so my throw sucked and the stick landed and exploded in front of the school. Then the principal pulled me into her office and told me that kids had tried that before and no one had or ever would succeed. It was a rather deterring thing to hear.