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The My Pillow guy became Emperor of

The My Pillow guy became Emperor of America and went on tv to declare martial law but he was wearing a dress and lipstick and a wig and the whole country started laughing and the laughter grew and grew and shook the ground until there was a giant earthquake and everyone died

I was dreaming there was a blackout

I was dreaming there was a blackout at first I thought it was an earthquake but it was not. People were having a party and having sex some were scared

I dreamt I was in the middle

I dreamt I was in the middle of an earthquake. I was trapped in a van that was being crushed by rubble but managed to escape and then I was trapped in a train tunnel but managed to escape . But I told a man never to lie about us being safe cause we never will be.

The house started rumbling and shaking, there

The house started rumbling and shaking, there was a haze everywhere, someone said there was an earthquake, I was packing my belongings, they fell out of the plastic bag and I had to repack them, I ran out to the living room and seen my black cat sleeping on top of the chair, then on the other chair there was a puppy trying to get down from the chair, someone yelled there was a spider infestation, I ran out to the garage and everyone was in there but my dad who got out because he forgot something, I then looked down at my bag and seen over half of my belongings were gone, I told them I'd be right back and ran back into the house as my dad was going to walk in and started sprinting back to my room, I entered my room to find that the belongings that fell out were gone

I was in my bathroom and had

I was in my bathroom and had just gotten out of the shower. I was wrapped in a towel and my hisband and 2 boys were in the room with me. My husband said, "oh no! You are bledding." I looked in the mirror and said, "it's ok, it is just a red thread." I then wiped the thread off my cheeck and threw it away. Next, I flashed to the scene of a huge tragedy, maybe a plane crash or an earthquake. I could see my husband and children as well as my mom and sister among the huge crowd. My mom approached me and said, "where is the red thread?" I said, " I don't know. I threw it away. I didn't know it was important." She replies," that was the thread that held everything together. Now, what will we do?" I looked around at all of the faces, feeling helpless and then the dream ended.

I had a dream this morning that

I had a dream this morning that I don't understand. It's like I was at my aunt's house with my family we were celebrating something I'm not sure but it had just got done raining for days because the back yard was flooded. The water was so high.Plus in the dream my aunts back yard was connect to the Chattahoochee River (not sure if you've heard it) but it's a major river in the south. It has claimed the lives of many. Anyways, my cousins and & I are sitting on my aunts deck just talking and I saw a piece of wood break that separated my aunts yard from the river. I immediately got up and warned my cousins we needed to move to the porch next to us because where we sitting the foundation of the house & deck were going to go into the river. But they laughed and said I was overreacting, that nothing would happen. So, I listened to them but I knew in my heart that I was right. So I sat close enough to the edge so I could escape. Moments later the foundation gave away, I think there was a earthquake too. I don't remember who all survived but I did. While this was happening I was telling them they should have listened to me. After everything had calmed down, I was walking around trying to see could I see if I could help anybody. I couldn't find my cell phone. My mom called my aunts phone to speak to me..she complained how she had been calling me several times but she couldn't get in contact with me. She wanted to tell me my grandma died. I literally had just saw here before the earthquake and stuff. My uncle and her left my aunts to go back home which was literally right up the street. When my mom told me the news, I felt a sense of regret. I felt I took my grandma for granted because in my mind I knew I would see her later but she died before I did. Then I woke up * my grandma has been dead for 8 years in real life

I was in Las Vegas. It was

I was in Las Vegas. It was desolate. There was an earthquake. Fire rushed across the landscape. I hid. Then earth mixed with fire rushed across the landscape. I hid again. Then just earth rushed across the landscape. I hid again. One more time earth rushed across the landscape; this time I hid in a dumpster. When it was over, I went inside the storehouse and asked the clerk what caused the tidal waves and earthquake. The clerk said, bluetooth signals.