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Dreams of the light Who was there

Dreams of the light Who was there Me My Dad My Mom Where At the yellow house in Catawissa, Pennsylvania We were using an extension cord for electricity from a close neighbor. My dad said here, take this and plug it in…. I said we have free electricity? Then I follow the long cord from the blue living room all the way to the wood room and into the loft. It was dark because there were only electricity lights on in the blue living room. I then saw all the lights come on shortly after I entered the loft and said to my mom, hey we got power now! I suddenly was at my aunt Donna's place alone in my cousin's room and then I was in a rush to go to the bathroom….I saw a building with a post office but it was closed so I parked outside a store and was late frustrated that I needed to get in the building. Then a few strangers yell that it's open. The post office building is a deterrent but this one is open. I was in dismay and unsure but I said thank you and weirdly walked to enter. When I did the whole place was covered in feces and urine overflowing vomit snot and any other repulsive human liquid including blood pus and mucus seeping out the clogged urinals and toilets even sinks. I seldom took breaths as it was unbearable. I was in the shopping store for groceries and overnight workers were helping me find items because they were closing and I was the last one and they wanted me to finish and go home.

Dream Christmas Eve 2019: Background: I plan

Dream Christmas Eve 2019: Background: I plan on buying a particular used model of a BMW next year. I have a friend named Todd who works on the ocean and visits once or twice a year, he is not here at this time. The Dream: I saw the model car that I want to buy, it was white and I do not want a white car but this had everything else I wanted. The owner let me take it for a ride by myself. Prior to giving me the keys he said “The salesman told me, 'Whatever you do, don't push the static electricity button.” I drove off and really enjoyed the ride. Apparently I did push the static electricity button (as I found out later in the dream). The car ran fine for me and I returned it to the owner and also, apparently, we swapped our shoes with each other for awhile. The next scene I was in a place I would describe as an auditorium. The owner of the car came up to me and we started to swap shoes (I remember that I found that disgusting as I would not want to actually wear someone elses shoes). As we were exchanging shoes he said, “Why did you do it?” I said, “Do what.” He replied, “Push the static electricity button.” I had no answer but told him I would pay to fix it. He said that he had already done that and it was still running poorly and that the car was talking to him. In this scene the previously faceless owner was now my friend Todd. I woke up.

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Elana came to be with me and

Elana came to be with me and then left, three separate times, we met in different places. I am in India, feeling free and happy. I am suspended in strange endless substance, like cosmos. There is a narrowing tunnel, a bright orange alien-looking creature is moving very slowly along this tunnel, putting his two elongated robotic legs one in front on another, it is pulling a large light blue semi transparent ball that is several times larger than itself, inside the ball there is tiny naked Elana in a microscopic size, she is looking very sexually aroused and I can feel she is very wet. We are at the end of the tunnel now, there are dozens of these blue balls there, in each of the balls there is a tiny naked Elana in a slightly different provocative pose, some are lying, some are reclining, some are standing, some are dancing. I notice barely visible holographic strings that connect me to each ball. I see a piece of cosmos through the window on the door at the end of the tunnel and also the end of another tunnel, maybe 10 meters apart and disappearing into the horizon while becoming thicker. I hear a rising sound, like electricity current, suddenly all the balls burst simultaneously and the door at the end of the tunnel opens, the door of another tunnel opens also and all the tiny Elanas jump to the other tunnel really quickly and disappear there behind the closed doors. I think the phrase “this is the nature of the reality”.

I drempt of a tree spirit like

I drempt of a tree spirit like an ent, torture me till I cried then ate me to sooth my wounds. While it was putting me into his mouth I was no longer the one being tortured but the one asking him why to let her go. And the spirit replied what I didn't do anything. I could tell the tree was enjoying the torture and was going to continue with or with out me. Then I woke up. I can still clearly see my dream. Also to note that when I was the one being tortured the tree enjoyed it and wouldn't stop until I cried. The tree used electricity and a burning device. The electric to my back to make my knee hurt and burned me in the groin area to the left just below my stomach. Help me. I have looked up many terms but nothing to help me determined what I drempt. I have had epic dreams before but was able to understand but not this one. Thank you.

I am flying but sometimes i get

I am flying but sometimes i get scared the higher i get and electricity power lines appear or sometimes i feel the clouds become a ceiling

Tree limbs being cut off, the smaller.

Tree limbs being cut off, the smaller. Limbs fall to the ground and the bigger limbs ascend into clouds that are a ocean blue sea of electricity..