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If you’re upset about your weight and

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We are at war with the Germans

We are at war with the Germans and living in a small community we decide to create a concentration camp with some of us being guards and others prisoners. All is going well until we begin to starve. We have cut ourselves off. The Germans find out about the camp but can find no official documentation about the camp and visit us to investigate. We try to act out our roles but the Germans know that there is something wrong but cannot work out what it is. We eat stale bread and congealed blood on the top to make it look like bread and jam. The Germans realise the guards aren't harsh enough to us and being to eliminate them and take over the running of the camp. I am a prisoner.

In my dream I was among people

In my dream I was among people chosen as swat to eliminate terrorist in a muslim country who planted a nuclear weapon to destroy the world but we where able to track and shot them death,after that,I found my self in a travelling bus going in that bus was my two friends and my sister and some few people I know.we got to a place whr I wanted to ease myself then some guys confronted us trying to use amulets to control but I started praying and was able to conquer them and we left.

My mother was singing on a show

My mother was singing on a show and was being eliminated and singing her last song sitting next to me my aunt was a judge on the show then all the contestant came out to the stage and my mom called me with her to the line and I took my place next to a young man and my grandfather he turned and looked at me and told me to hold his hand and walk with him I gave him a hug and we walked over to my mom in the line and then we walked passed my grandmother in the line she was sitting in the audience and then my grandfather stood against the wall and said he didn't want to go but disappeared