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The My Pillow guy became Emperor of

The My Pillow guy became Emperor of America and went on tv to declare martial law but he was wearing a dress and lipstick and a wig and the whole country started laughing and the laughter grew and grew and shook the ground until there was a giant earthquake and everyone died

I had a dream that I was

I had a dream that I was at an amusement park at night, and this cyborg robot was chasing after me, and I burned in fire. In the dream, I woke up and was in my room. I was half awake. I kept looking out of the window, and the robot, now a large giant, kept approaching my house, and kept repeating doing so. I saw a child superhero running in slow motion as I drifted off, and I began drawing black candles on my ceiling, and I lit them, and the flames lit up. I descended into darkness, and I began hearing a dark voice, which said "Aren't you afraid of the shadows and the dark?" I then saw an encyclopedia page with a red background on this fake dictator, and his symbol was a hammer of might. And then, I realized, that I was the emperor.