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My dream was a version of Frankenstein

My dream was a version of Frankenstein we watched during class the previous day. I dreamt of the madness of Victor Frakenstein and his accomplice Professor Krempe. During their studies of the creation of the monster, an Ape arm was used to test the ability of reanimation and electricity (impulses). For whatever reason the Professor decided that it was a good idea to slip the arm of the ape onto his own arm. Unfortunatly, the arm started taking over the Professors body, he was turning into a blood thirsty ape killer. It was Victors task to kill the professor. Using a knife he threw it straight at the professor/ape into his heart. The Professor slid down a brick wall, pulled the knife out of his heart. He then proceeded to pry open the hole the knife was in and started pulling out his entrails, and naming them as he went along, Pericardial sac, amniotic fluid and placenta.