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There was snow on the grown. The

There was snow on the grown. The horse was wild , it was closer to someone unknown in my dream. They told me he was interested in the cat they had with them. The cat was playing with the horse The horse was snorting at the cat and getting excited. I stood in awe and felt envy that the person was closer, but didn't want to move closer for fear it would run off. My husband witnessed me standing in awe, and I felt he knew how important this horse was to me. More important to me than the one closest to the horse

I tend to dream alot. I can

I tend to dream alot. I can even wake up from a dream and fall back into it. I really like dreaming because I feel as if it is an escape into a better world. I dont have a bad life it's just more interesting to be in my mind from time to time. So anyway I recently had a dream where I was running down a hall with these very detailed white pillars. They were beautiful and I told myself I would return yo these pillars. When I did I had a penis. It wasn't overly large or anything. I think it might have been average if not a little bigger. I should also mention that in my dreams I am never myself. Im always a different person but am still them if that makes any sense. So anyway I got on the pillar and rubbed my naked body against it. It felt great and was really intense. Eventually I ejaculated but as soon as I was done this ugly guy shows up and attempts to have his way with me. I try to fight but hes too strong. I give up but then a copy of myself shows up and beats the guy up. I am saved by myself but the other version of me is much stronger and colder. The other version looks down on me with disappointment and disgust. Then I wake up. Im sorry if this was inappropriate but I'd like to know if this dream has any sort of special meaning. I don't have dirty dreams so its kind of weird. Also ive read about penis envy and I think its stupid. Ive never been sexually attracted to my mother or my father.

My boyfriend and another woman and her

My boyfriend and another woman and her mother in the bed room. She was adking him why he was with me when she had been there all the time. He told her he was suing her for penis envy.