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It started ben & I were hanging

It started ben & I were hanging out, and in a weird house, but the bathroom/shower part was not connected. Some other girl was there. Me and ben needed to shower, so I followed him to the shower, and he turned it on, and the shower head turned and sprayed me and all my clothes and everything. The other girl was standing there- idk who she was and then all of a sudden she was gone. We were having sex in the shower, but i wasn't dreaming that, i only knew it was happening? woke up. dozed off. felt cramps. dad & gram took me to the doctor- i was pregnant. the baby was gonna be really premature. i started crying and getting scared, tried calling ben - no answer, no service, no nothing. finally his cousin answered & said, 'look he can't hang out this weekend, okay? he has a trial to get ready for' and i was still crying and saying i needed to talk to him but he told me to send a text and hung up. so i sent Ben!!! - no response. but for some reason i could see him 'studying' for his trial or whatever, and i watched his phone ring, but he never answered it. my mom was laying down in her bed and i started crying and telling her everything. she cried too, but told me it was gonna be okay and that the baby was gonna be taken care of. she wouldn't let me get an abortion because she said it was an 'escape route'? i was screaming because of that. woke up. dozed off. at taco bell. got a large cup of melted cheese with some strips of tortilla chips on top, and my drink was in the center of it? got a taco and a chicken quesadilla too. was at jesse & melanie's house, but didn't see them. they were having a party, it was 10 cents for each song played, brittani beatty& shanna gatesman were there and there were guys being jerks? idk. all of a sudden jess sarich is in my car with her arm around my shoulder, and i had to take her home and she ate some of my chips and cheese, then i took her home, and went to have my baby. the way you have a baby in my dream was that you pretty much layed an egg, and they were inside it- normal baby size? but you had to put the egg in ice cold water 'til they shrunk down small enough so you could swallow them and they had time to grow inside of you? a black couple had an asian baby that could already talk before he was shrunken down but they didn't want him so they were either gonna shrink him down and chew him up instead of swallowing him, or just throw him away in their taco bell bags. the baby was asking 'how come you aren't taking me to the ice water mom? i'm trying to go there but you have to put me there" he was so confused and sad. then they ended up throwing him away. i cried. by now i was already attached to my baby and getting ready to swallow him and my mom comes out and tells me she signed the baby over to a couple that couldn't have children. i was crying and saying no, that it was my baby. and mad that she did it without asking. after a while i finally came to terms with it, and asked if they could be the ones to swallow it, and not me or did i have to carry the child too? and then i woke up. but dozed off, and dreamed of a text from ben that says i'm pretty. so i tried to call him, but my phone kept freaking out and would hit ben's name but dial lance hudson?