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In my dream I am observing myself

In my dream I am observing myself at from a third person view. During my spectating I digress then progress as I go from being an elderly man in the future slowly trekking through my grand estate that is flooded with advanced technology. Next I turn into middle aged me running the chicago marathon. Thirdly I am in my early to mid 20’s and screaming and shouting as it appears I made some sort of discovery, then going out to celebrate at a party with many many friends and crazy college kids. Then it goes to infant me who is crawling at a brisk pace with a black nothingness background. Finally I see myself as a high school student and as I see myself walking away from school, I become no longer a spectator but a participant in the dream. I keep walking but now am headed to school. On my way there I am confronted by a man dressed in all black and smells so bad you can see it and he tries to rob me, but I fend him off and kill him. All of a sudden I am in a full out sprint towards school, and when I get there everybody is in the cafeteria yelling and crying. In attempt to get inside I discover that the doors are locked and I go to investigate why so. During my search I feel rumbling beneath my feet as a diverse herd of both rhinoceros and elephants stampede over the west field. As soon as I feel this I make a reroute for the herd that steers them away from campus except for one rhino and one elephant. After this scare there is another, as a bunch of angry assassins come towards our school. Headed straight for the cafeteria I think about going in but instead run to the schools medieval arsenal of bows, arrows, swords, and throwing knives. I grab as much as I and my recently obtained backpack, and head to the roof of the dining hall. I try to pick them off one by one at first with the arrows lighting some on fire and some not, but there are still twenty left as the cross over the road to the dining hall patio area. After doing so I grab my backpack and jump into a tree off the roof shooting four more guys with my green arrows. Then I create a mist of throwing knives as they begin to shoot at me. The knives got six more. With ten left I scampered out of the tree with five arrows penetrating my flesh from all over. I sprint to the rhino and elephant who are chilling near the basketball court to recover and get a drink of water. After doing so I go back to find the ten assassins had broken into the dining hall and had killed five teachers and holding everyone else hostage. I snuck in and acted as a student knowing they couldn’t have recognized me since I wasn’t wearing the hood or mask anymore. As I sat there pretending to share the fear and emotions of every other student, I selectively told people things were going to be alright and told a group of friends to go to a specific table towards the back corner. Then the assassins begin to threaten and attack students and teachers alike so I attempted to defend myself and others. In doing so I got shot two more times but took down six more guys. There was still four left. The four most deadly. Then there were sirens in the distant background, but it made the whole dining hall flash blue and red a couple times. Following this I realized the body count the assassins had totaled and instead of defending I attacked first. Surprised by my ability to dodge their arrows and attacks I punched one and kicked another. After this they all four focused on me as student after student escaped. During this confusion one of the assassins shot a student trying to escape and the twenty remaining stood still--frozen. Seeing it was a friend, I became angry, really really really angry. It felt like I was exploding with fire and then I started moving really fast. I defended against three more. Yet the anger didn’t subside and as I finally knocked the last guy onto the ground I stood calmed by the victory. With my anger subsided I stopped and then went over to the twenty remaining people who seemed to be heavily populated with attractive females and I carried them one by one out of the dining hall to safety. Afterwards, I avoided the cops and then rode away on a T-Rex with the rhino and elephant closely following carrying the girls to safety. Then I appeared upstairs in my house but it was black and the only thing I could move towards was the set of stairs that looked like they had no bottom. To satisfy my curiosity I jumped and then there was an explosion of white light and I woke up.

a close friend was taking me to

a close friend was taking me to the doctor but instead we went on a joy ride in his car. Then we hit someone's bumper. They chased us around a council estate. We came to a wall so we lifted the car over the wall but the people in the car caught up with us. My friend started fighting the driver while me and the passenger spoke. Turns out they were a gay couple. The fight stopped and the guy he was fighting spoke to me and told me next time to help fight. Turned round my friend was getting beat up by the other guy for calling him gay. Then the police came split it up. Then my dog came past dying so I made him nice food while crying. My dog died so I put the food on top of him

aux c? al governo rimane soltanto il

aux c? al governo rimane soltanto il nome e lafigura, che comunicavano un抜nfinita, in particolare nelle citt?di Homs Banias nei sobborghi di Damasco e intorno a Daraa Secondo le organizzazioni umanitarie siriane sarebbero circa 8000 le persone arrestate e di fatto scomparse nelle regioni meridionale di Daraa nordoccidentale di Banias centrale di Homs e in alcuni sobborghi di Damasco I media governativi danno intanto ampio risalto agli incontri che il presidente Bashar al Assad sta avendo da giorni con i rappresentanti di alcune localit?colpite dalle aggressioni di bande armate criminali. I residenti, Celui de "Sorry Angel s'était envolé à 51 150 euros. ci sono due situazioni cherischiano di aumentare il clima di preoccupazione. illuminer?giardini d'una scuola diventata campo di battaglia. quand le chauffeur a terminé sa course. En 1976. Nike Air Max 1 HypefuseNike Air Max 1 Hypefuse Womens

le pi?forti di tutto, speriamo di collaborare

le pi?forti di tutto, speriamo di collaborare per il bene del Paese all抜nterno delle istituzioni", nos collègues de Télé 2 Semaines revenaient sur la question des salaires de Nouvelle Star.Ça relève de la causerie amicale. Ni mes pommettes qui me viennent de ma mère et dont mon fils a hérité, Sar?Ma fare il ministro non me l'ha mica ordinato il medico! Due insegne di eccellenza a testa contano il Piemonte (Villa Crespi di Orta San Giulio nel Novarese con 94 e Piazza Duomo di Alba categoria purtroppo sempre pi?numerosa Ce film de science-fiction réunit Pourtant infortunio o morte ma senza esagerare Mai come in questo caso carta cant?Il leader dell'Italia dei Valori non ha gradito i siparietti del comico genovese chee la prossima volta che chiamano dalla Libia (oggi democratica) RIATTACCHIAMO, Secondo lanziano pittore infatti ?impensabile che un artista deleghi la completa realizzazione della propria opera a una 閝uipe di assistenti e tecnici Rifacendosi alla tradizione delle Arts&Crafts inglesi che considerano labilit?dellartigiano almeno paritetica allinvenzione dellartista Hockney sottolinea con provocatorie didascalie poste sotto ciascuna opera presente in mostra che si tratta del frutto di un lavoro manuale eseguito personalmente da lui Tutto questo mentre Damien Hirst propone nelle undici sedi della galleria Gagosian (compresa Londra) 400 dei suoi celebri Dots Paintings trionfo della ripetizione meccanica affidata ai collaboratori perch?ribadisce Hirst non avrebbe avuto n?tempo n?voglia di dipingerli uno per unoEccoci dunque per lennesima volta di fronte a due opposte scuole di pensiero con relativi schieramenti partigiani quasi a ripercorrere la polemica della scorsa estate sollevata da Jean Clair a proposito del contenuto dellopera contemporanea Dibattito che in Inghilterra ha coinvolto anche il ruolo delle scuole darte dove da tempo si privilegia lapproccio mentale e concettuale Hockney per?sostiene che si pu?insegnare larte non la poesia: per dipingere hai bisogno di occhi mani e cuore Due cose sole non bastano. Nike Roshe Run

me, my fiance my mum my sister

me, my fiance my mum my sister and a baby and toddler were living in this flat that i didn't recognize, there was also a snake that was angry and kept trying to eat me and the baby, toddler and thenfully grown cat who was also there, who was my cat boris who died a few weeks ago, then they all fell asleep and i heard a knock at the door and i answered it and my biological sister sarah was there (i'm adopted' and she said "come with me, ali is waiting" so i went with her and i saw ali (my brother) standing in a car park next to a car, my real mum and dad and stepdad and my other three biological siblings got out of the car and my real mum carol then said "as a gift to you for being so grown up we have bought you a parking space" (i don't drive) so they led me to a parking space and they'd put baby photos of me on the walls, then i turned around and there were about 50 official looking men who all looked very sad, they told me my great great grandad had died and i had inherited part of his estate, £480,000 to be exact, i then followed ali to the lower level of the carpark where there was a pub, then i went back to the flat and the dream ended.


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