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I was at my friends house on

I was at my friends house on a summer evening. I liked her but she didn't really know. We were sitting there talking when all of a sudden she leaned in and kissed me. We continued this for some time and then moved to her room. We didn't go any further, but I ended up staying the night and sleeping with her. We were then woken a few hours later by a loud bang. We both sat up and a masked man entered the room. I got in front of my friend to shield her but the man pulled a gun and fired at me. I woke up right after this.

I was at my neighbours eating a

I was at my neighbours eating a meal before going out for the evening. When we went out i found myself at a checkpoint without my neighbour, where everyone wore white tops and gray trousers. They were like robots walking through in single file. I was then singled out by a man in shiny black shoes, black trousers and a flamenco style orange and red shirt. I was dancing with him but when i said no more as i couldn't do the dance i found myself all alone there. There was no-one going through the checkpoint. I went into a room of people who didn't speak my language to ask them to let me go. They muttered amoungst themselves, then a woman said they wouldn't let me go as i refused to dance with the man in the bright clothes. I then woke up/