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I was with my wife at the

I was with my wife at the shop it was late in the evening, we bought two ice cream and packet of mosquito coil and the shop owner tell us that we shot with 1 rand then my wife took mosquito coil and take one from the packet without the shop ownwer notice, then she bring it back and take ice cream then the shop owner wanted to fight her i then come and stop the fight immediately she left and went outside and i went to the shop to take the stuff bought then when i go outside i couldnt find her i felt pain thinking she's lost

Necrophilia - I dreamt that I had

Necrophilia - I dreamt that I had a group of friends in high school, that we killed a man and dragged his body (which was now a skeleton, save for the head which was still intact) behind a few gym mats to have sex with him. I didn't really know what was going on, but later on I was convinced to join anyways. Afterwards I was chased down and killed by the group after getting too creeped out and they do the same with my body, and through a sort of x-ray image, it's revealed that I was pregnant with twins. In the end, it was apparently just a demo of some sick horror game I was playing outside in the evening and I ran back home.

I saw a temple ( of vaishno

I saw a temple ( of vaishno devi is suppose )in my dream with its door closed i asked the priest to open the door so that we may see the goddess once but he says that it is not the time to open the door in another dream i saw a temple with 3 status of goddess kali the priest pushed us out the mandir saying that we took our bath in the morning and its evening now plz help i wanna know the interpretation of dream

It's evening I'm by a lake in

It's evening I'm by a lake in the woods I see kids playing in the water and on the far side of the lake cars are pulling up to park

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I was at my friends house on

I was at my friends house on a summer evening. I liked her but she didn't really know. We were sitting there talking when all of a sudden she leaned in and kissed me. We continued this for some time and then moved to her room. We didn't go any further, but I ended up staying the night and sleeping with her. We were then woken a few hours later by a loud bang. We both sat up and a masked man entered the room. I got in front of my friend to shield her but the man pulled a gun and fired at me. I woke up right after this.

I was driving down a dirt road

I was driving down a dirt road (late evening) and a big anaconda was hanging from the tree. I stop the car in amazement and fear. As I watch this big snake slither down and take of in the corn field. When I reach my destination I hear someone died but I don't know who. Then I woke up.

Friend calls and says she's seen my

Friend calls and says she's seen my fiancé at her neighbors house late in the evening. He then invites his "cousin " to one of our family bday parties. He kisses her but it seems a little too friendly. I then catch them and her daughter talking in a bedroom where he pretends to touch the breaststroke on a lifelike mannequin resembling her. I beat them both up.

I had a dream that i got

I had a dream that i got a job by assistance from people of own family and not my husband's then on reporting to work i left my little daughter with my mother. when i returned from work in the evening i found my mother asleep and my daughter had been pecked by hens that were in the house.