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"i was with my best friend in

"i was with my best friend in my school and i was asking about our friend who is no more now. he was carrying me and i told him that he is my very close friend, he kissed me on my cheeks. then our more male friends gathered and i askesd about any kind of information they have about our deceased friend. they all say no. then i saw i was with my boy friend on a cycle. went to a get together of college friends, there i saw my ex roomy and talked to her.,she was carrying so many books and pencils. i also saw one of our college toppers and also talked to her about studies. we all were entering a big building. then i saw its a kind of haunted and we have to get out of it before sunrise and it took the shape of pyramid. we were trapped. i along with my boy friend were searching my deceased friend and we were getting drenched. then we saw we were out. again next full moon night we both went there, there were people looking like pirates, who were attacking us under order of evil forces. we overcame them and gave that floating pyramid to a saint and his followers. we rushed through outside as it was going to be day though mislead by its evil powers we pushed ourselves out of the right door.. after few days we again went there and saw that it was all wet their and the saints books were hidden in suitcase and the followers gave us a fossil and asked it to dissect it to find out if it was our deceased friend."