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i was seated outside aclassroom with someone

i was seated outside aclassroom with someone sitted infront of me and one at the back.I then heard avoice say out `the eye of God`.i looked up and saw what looked like an eye and a drop af what looked like a tear fell so i got out of my seat and watched it fall slowly but the others didn`t see or hear whati heard.The tear then dropped as i watched and when it hit the ground at aninstance water poured once from the sky.As we run for shelter i then looked at the people infront of me who had already entered the room and hey were naked,i then looked at myself and i was naked too.so i run in and at the door as i entered some force tried to prevent me from entering but i over powered it .as soon as i entered i went into hiding because there were people outside.But when i looked at myself again i was dressed so i went out and i felt so much fulfilment and joy as the sun was bright and everyone was happy and playing.In side me was joy as though we were expecting a ceremony.