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My mother died June 23 2012, this

My mother died June 23 2012, this is the 1st real dream I had of her. 1st she was at a house hiding cause someone was after her. Like she got caught up with someone bad and was trying to get away. And I saw this person with a brown beard and hair, getting out of jail. I got to the house and started to secure it by making sure all entrences are secure and locked. There was a back door that led to a concreate wall and when I opened it this little gray cat came in and I realized it was my cat that died a few years ago. Her name was little kitty. I realized this when I woke up. So the back door had this broken lock so I secured it with heavy crates. Then I go into another room and see this cage with what I thought was a dead hampster but it was just asleep and i rocked the cage and it got up and then I realized it was my mothers old hampster that died a few years ago. It was in room with a young lady I didn't know, she was sleeping in bed and got up and said something And i can't remember what. then i was this store dollar tree buying Maybelline Blush and eyeshadow. Then We are driving in my car a chevy colbolt and I said mom did you tell him where you live and she answered yes and I got mad but we still got home. and there were three cars, my dads 1978 Blue Nova (my dad passed away Jan 4 2012) And another car And I said we have to park these cars at 1st there wasn't any spots then it cleared up and the nova was already parked. there was also raw meat in this dream, like I just bought it home from the store. I just left it in the house. Then we decided to go to Doney Park - Me my brother (Alive) and My mom (Dead) - but i wanted to clean out the car 1st. my brother got into the drivers seat and my mom got into the back and I said no let me drive and let her sit up here and I was mad that he wouldn't pull over so i opened the side door and he started to pull over and while he is pulling over a cop passes us. so the red white and blue lights flash and we were already pulled over and I just started cleaning the car out again. And told the cop i was just cleaning it out. but he still asked for my brothers license which he didn't have one, which is true in real life. So they took him out of the car and then i had this talk with my mother. Mom don't you know your dead, she acting surprised and said no, and I said I have your ashes and she was like it doesn't matter. And I had her beside me and asked the cop if he could see her and he said see who and then my mother strunk into a doll which which i was holding and then was gone.