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It started in a fairytale land where

It started in a fairytale land where I met up with an unknown male friend who told me that one of my close friends in high school had sex with my sister's fiance. I was intent with telling my sister, although I did not get a chance to tell her in my dream. I had bed bugs crawling all over my things from his house so me and my mom went to the laundromat. My boyfriend and I attended a class where a girl I fought in middle school was serving smoothies, one in which I was allergic to (kiwi), I told her and she gave me the right one. We left our car there and caught the bus home with my daughter and stepson but one stop before we got home was by the stadium where we saw his uncle booting cars. I woke up about to use the restroom.

I was at what i think was

I was at what i think was a party.. my 'friend' who i've never really liked went home on what looked like a motorbike.. i got jealous because i'm known for having a bike.. i started to imagine what it would be like to ride her bike.. all of a sudden i am riding her bike.. to my disappointment it is only a moped ... i take it back to her house at night and park it next to an inflatable kayak.. i take the moped out for a second joy ride, this time with the kayak.. i get to a small fairytale-like lake, that is glowing and surrounded by willow trees and soft moss draped over rounded rocks.. nothing happens there but next i am on horse back with the kayak over my shoulder.. i stop by a tree at the top of a small bank.. somehow i do something wrong and the horse is dead, hanging from a rope on the tree, it's head and shoulders resting slightly on the ground. Blood starts to run down the hill... I'm not panicking at this point.. everything is calm.. i take the kayak and the moped back to the girls house and then go back to the horse.. all i can think is hat i'm going to be found out.. someone is going to see the horse... At the bottom of the bank there are some small houses, one of which i remember from another dream.. it was my boyfriends aunts house in my dream and i had stayed there previously... at the back of the houses were areas that were filled with water (there has been a lot of flooding near me lately) the water starts to turn an orangey red-ish colour and i realise it must be the horses blood tainting the water.. now i hear voices shouting and screaming about the hanged horse on the hill... i just remember feeling scared and guilty.. but not panicked..then i woke up..... This dream has been bothering me for two days and i still remember how everything felt so vividly..

So I was in a fairytale land.

So I was in a fairytale land. It was a mix of disney and Once Upon a time. So we weren't allowed to cross this line. But there were trees of hot air balloons. Throughout the dream I was collecting stuff to put into my hot air balloon with my little friend dude. We fought an evil lady who was controlling the border and then we went out to eat at a Chinese place before leaving but the owner was tinker bell. And she had a sister on the other side who had a restaurant to.

I woke up that morning in tears.

I woke up that morning in tears. Not knowing why I have had this same dream for the past two and a half years. It never did make sense to me, but I just brushed it off and kept going. There I was standing in my front yard of my old home, birds were chirping and dogs were barking. I was watching my life and future drive away in his red with white racing stripes down the front hood. Never knowing what could have been because all I seen was this truck slowly fading away in the distance. As I turned around and fell to my knees asking God “ Why me? Why does this have to happen?” As I got the strength to get up, I seen a person standing over me. I couldn’t see their face for the sun was shining so bright. I come to the recognition that it had to be an angel of God helping me. They grabbed me by the hand and said “ I will help you, you just have to let go of whatever it is that is holding you down.” I looked down at the ground for maybe a second and after finally getting back on my feet, they were gone, vanished, nowhere to be seen. I wiped the tear from my eyes and started back to the front door. As I was opening the door little by little I noticed that it was not my home, not a home at all. It was like a fairytale land. The grass was a green as it could be the sky as blue as it has ever been and a waterfall trickling down the hilly land and a rainbow covering as if was its blanket. I looked up at the sky and all I seen was my Aunt Renee’s face, just as I remembered her. There was a long complete silence; you could hear the drop of a hat. I was in complete awe of what I was witnessing. She then proceeded say to me “Emmy, everything is going to be just fine, I promise” I started crying, in disbelief that that had just happened. My father walked up to me and said “I am so sorry.” Then turning around and walking away, he disappeared into thin air. My Aunt Renee then asked me what was going on; my reply was “I don’t know.” She then started to disappear, as I was begging her not to go she didn’t say anything and then she was gone. I have never gotten past that part in my dream; I always wake up right after that part.