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Saw some of my female class mates

Saw some of my female class mates the ones who are just okay and I don't like them very much. We were just chatting and we were in some botanical garden I bumped into I guy whom I dated for some time and now we're good friends. I was about to fall but he catches me kisses me on my cheeks grabs me through my waist and said you won my heart . Then he started to have some sort of argument with those girls because even they liked him and he was telling them how much and why he loves me now while listening to them I was standing in front of a plant and reading about it . I was also feeling that I don't wanna be someone's option but I kinda liked it that he loves me . And then I woke up

I had a dream where my husband

I had a dream where my husband and I were walking with our children and he said there was $140 on the ground. On the ground the money was on fire so I stomped on it and it was in tact with minor burn on the side like it had black markings but the whole bill was complete. Then I walked to my car and I believe a drug addict came and said I saw you pick up money it was $140 and it's mine. I knew it wasn't his because the amount I actually picked up was $120 and told him otherwise. I was acting so cold towards the person which took me back because I don't behave this way normally. What does this mean?The car broke down heading to work so I took a bike instead and as I was getting towards the freeway it was harder and harder to turn the pedals until I couldn't turn them anymore they became increasingly heavier. Then someone attached my bike to theirs to help me and when I got on the bike I was very high off the ground like almost 15 feet. And the bike would be swirving from side to side. I felt like I was going to fall but I never did. Eventually i got to work and when I got off I saw my husband being friendly with the person that helped me get to work but it didn't seem like he knew the person helped me. I felt uneasy about the person and couldn't put my finger on it and then I woke up

I'm in a classroom setting and on

I'm in a classroom setting and on the desk is an English exam paper. On the front page is an essay that i should read and answer questions. Unfortunately i fall asleep on the desk only to wake up when the teacher is announcing we should ensure we have answered every question and written our names correctly. I feel pressured and rushed. How I'm i supposed to read the whole essay and answer the questions and it's nearing time to submit the papers. Feeling all the pressure, I'm unable to move past the first question when i wake up. Immediately i feel relieved that the situation was a dream which meant there was no real consequences of failing an exam.

I had a dream where I was

I had a dream where I was somewhat lucid I couldn't gain control of the situation around me. I went through 3 environments. In the first one, I was in my school's sports uniform and my school team, I saw them having some sports competition with another random school. I did not participate. Rather, I was hanging out with a few unknown people. I met two children, presumably siblings as they looked alike. They were nice kids. I remember hastily asking them if I was in a lucid dream or not. They asked, "are we?? Well I'm not. I dont know." i attempted to ask a clever question, "how much do you know about my planet?? I'm from Saturn!" They couldn't reply to it with something I wanted. But I assumed i was lucid dreaming. Afterwards, a snowfall suddenly occured. It was unnaturally fast, and i saw the mountains behind collecting snow quickly.

My grandpa just passed away and 7

My grandpa just passed away and 7 th day after funeral I saw he told me and my mom im going on a trip and gave his ipad and its home screen picture was my and my mom picture.and he was packing his clothes after that I was laying on my bed and he came other side and was talking with unknown person (female)and that person asked is (our pets) this pets are your?and what about them ?he said I gave them to my daughter.then suddenly dog came running and he went to catch them but he fall because of my legs.that was the dream

Me , my mother and my friend

Me , my mother and my friend live in a tiny apartment. Eventually I and that friend fall in love with each other . We start a living relationship. We go on little dates like pizzeria and help each other during tough times