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I dreamt that my husband and I

I dreamt that my husband and I were driving down a dark road, cannot remember what type of weather, just dark. He hit a bear as she was drossing hte road with her cub. I insisted he put the bear in the back seat of the truck with me and the cub was in the front seat. We drove home all the while I was stroking the fur on the mother bear. I realized once we got home there was no blood, our neighbor came over and the mother bear lifted her head and looked at me. I felt fear of it in my dream but spoke to the bear and told her she was safe with her baby and my husband and I would take her back to the forest. She got out of the truck and walked into our house with her cub. We kept it secret, that is what I felt in my dream, we didn't want anyone else to know. My husband and I took the mother bear and her cub in the truck with my neighbor and my daughter, the mother bear didn't want to get into the truck and changed into a fly/bug of some kind and followed us. she was sitting on the sun roof of the truck and the cub started to cry and turned into a fly/bug. My daughter heard it tell the mother that it could change through the glass, the mother told it no and it exploded! We drove into a roadside turn out that was in a forest and saw some white and grey wolves attacking a fawn. My neighbor got out of the truck and grabbed one of the wolves by the scruff of the neck and told it to stop. The mother turned back into a bear and was growling. My daughter and I got out of the truck thinking the wolves were no threat because of our neighbor. I opened the back door to let the bear out, and jumped into the front seat with my daughter right behind me, all of a sudden she screamed because a wolf had her by the leg, I screamed for the bear to help nad the terror on my daughter's face woke me up......

I was much younger, hanging out with

I was much younger, hanging out with a bunch of girls that were friends. I can't remember who they were or from what time of my life specifically. There was this blond guy that they were all fawning over. I didn't really talk to him. The next thing I know, I'm in a tiny room with him. The only things in the room are a small table and rock. The rock was oblong and had sunglasses it. The sunglasses were made out of that plastic color form removable sticker stuff like we had when we were kids. I pulled off the sunglasses and I love you Carolyn was painted on the rock. I didn't say anything. I walked out of the room. The room opened up into a giant operational lumber mill. A woman was holding a giant push broom. I approached her. It was Katie Holmes. I asked what she was doing there. She said that they let her stay in one of the little rooms if she swept up all of the sawdust.