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i was standin in a garden next

i was standin in a garden next to a seal, a beautiful seal with a coat so shimmery and he had bright healthy eyes. it was obvious this seal was in absolute glowing health. the sun shone on its back and it had the most rapturous sparkling eyes full of life and happiness. i noticed i had a bag in my hand, and i thought it might have something in for the seal as surely a creature like that deserved a treat of sorts. when i reached in the bag, a million maggots swarmed out and fell onto the back of the seal devouring its beautiful glossy skin. the maggots grew and some changed into bright and shiny ducks and floated off down a stream, and others scattered to flower beds and feasted upon them, leaving the once-beautiful flowers wilting and withered. I looked back at the seal and scooped away the remaining maggots to find the seal all eaten away and its lovely coat and skin was no longer shining, it was rooted to the spot, half eaten and would never move again. The expression in its eyes was what caught me...it was one of pure sadness, pain, bewilderment and confusion.... a truly heartbreaking sight. i had to turn away in guilt, as i had let the maggots out the bag and onto it to begin with. i then turned towards the ducks who were swimming quite happily and rapidly away, oblivious to the pain they had initially caused. i turned back to the seal and said "dont worry, i'll look after you now". the seal smiled with gratitude. i never felt so much guilt and misery, as when i looked into the eyes of a once beautiful seal that i mistakenly had pretty much destroyed. i woke up crying. one of the most horrendous dreams i have ever had.

Well, it all began on a cobblestone

Well, it all began on a cobblestone street, slowly lowering and escalating with the hills. There were some plain empty wooden booths on the side, and above everyone's heads there were lights on wire stretching across to each side. There was a parade, but it was a feast. What I mean is that each different float had it's own type of food, and I jumped on one with bread and some kind of sauce. I quickly got off it, and I don't remember how, but I ended up in large, dark, abandoned cage with dirt in it and plants somehow thriving, it seemed to have come from a recently dismissed zoo. And here's the funny part. I swear that that cage was in my dream just a few nights ago. Anyway, I was now in the cage rather than looking upon it when three baby monkeys crawled in. They came right up to me and were social, playing and jumping and running around. But I had instinct, and I knew that the parents would get aggressive if I were to close to the babies, so I ended up running away from the babies until the parents did arrive, and then they were playing, and jumping, and running around. Pretty soon I was back up on the cobblestone street, I meet with somebody, I don't remember who, and I woke up.

My new girlfriend had a crazy dream

My new girlfriend had a crazy dream last night . She dreamt of walking with a large group of people following her as they were approaching an old medieval castle that was very old and sturdy well built and strong. As she walked through the gardens she came up to a maze which she knew or was familiar with and walked the entire group through quickly and without delay she did not get lost. She then came through the enormous doors and walked through to a very large beautiful open room where there was a feast waiting on her and the group of people that followed her turned out to be royal courtesans accompanying her. She was in a beautiful extravagant gown and was brought into a large beautiful room where a huge round table made of iron and stone and wood very ornate with large comfortable chairs and was sat down next to me . I was dressed extravagantly and wore a headdress was metallic or silver and was covered in rubies . Suddenly a young boy ran over to her and jumped into her lap and called her mom and she at that moment realized she was pregnant and expecting a child soon. She was holding my hand and conversing with me she felt happy . They then served food and wine and after a while she suddenly felt il in her stomach and fell to her knees held her belly and suddenly quickly dies. There was a man sitting next to me who seemed of high status and was yelling the child the child. I picked up the 6-8 year old boy and the man again repeated the child the child. Meaning the one in her belly . I was next to her and was trying to understand what had just happened. As I realized she had passed I carried her to a private room and began to remove and save our unborn child which I eventually cut out of her and saved. She then says the man next to me at the table seemed envious of me and wanted my position. At some point I was locked in my room for several months and would not come out. People were trying to get me to come out but I refused. She then sees that I have also died several years later and the child I saved was a girl. She was now 6 years old and in fear of this man who had assumed command of the castle in my absence. The brother and sister hand in hand ran away from the castle hiding in the woods as this man who was mean to the children searched for them everywhere. The hid by a pond and eventually escaped to a small rural town.. What does this mean?