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When I was younger, I constantly had

When I was younger, I constantly had dreams of being a Arch Angel sent to Earth by God. My task was to do something on Earth but the moment I went to Earth I forgot what I was suppose to do. I couldn't go back unless I did my task. So there I stayed on Earth for the rest of my existence. I lived the life of a human, wearing large coats to hide my wings, stealing food to survive. I looked like I didn't have a bath in a long time. I lived in a hold abandoned home high up in the mountains away from other people. A few years later I was found out by the humans, local media everywhere, scientists captured me, probed me, shoved tubs up inside of me, trimmed my flight feathers so i couldn't fly away, put a tub down my throat as a breathing tube, while I was submerged in a tank full of water as I slept. A month past as my feathers had grown back. Some how I managed to get out of the tank and pull away from all the tubs and needles that they had inside of me. I was naked and didn't have any clothes to wear but I needed to get out of that horrible place that I was in. I managed to get out but they were firing guns at me as I climbed out a window. I flew away as fast as I could. They were still firing there guns at me but I managed to escape. Once I had escaped I found a beautiful realm of some kind. The building was white, bright, with tall pillars. There were beds and cribs everywhere for the children that had passed away. I was standing there in a white dress and gold bracelets on. The kinds were all laughing and smiling, horses running around. It was like paradise, with nothing to worry about. Then all my dreams stopped. Few years later I had the same dream of this paradise world, but it was not the same. Not a sound from the children playing, not a sound from horses, and babies. The only sound that was heard was the wind. Dead, dried up leaves blew in and out of the room in and outside. Dust was collected on everything that I touched. It had been empty for so long. It was dark, miserable, and lonely for so long, it was as if no one ever lived here.

a guy comes to my house and

a guy comes to my house and kidnaps me into his car then drive halfway to his house but i pretend to be nice and ask for his cellphone to call my mother. We stop close to a building and he says he will be back. I quickly call the police and tell them I'm being kidnapped then i look out the car window and the guy and and older man has a chicken and some feathers in their hand. i get out of the car quickly then shouting I place a curse on him and his family about never finding peace. Then i run into a four way intersection traffic light and see four motorcycles. I look back and the guy and his mother chase after me. They are far behind. I get on one of the motorcycles and ask for the rider to drive my somewhere far away from my kidnapper. It gets dark and i'm on my way home then notice the police and my parents are in the police car. I ask them why my parents are being taken away but they don't answer me. I walk to the front door my 5 siblings are home waiting for me to ask what happened and i don't see my other 6 little siblings.


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