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I was on a boat waiting for

I was on a boat waiting for an ex lover, now friend. He lived on the boat ( in real life he manages a small ferry company) and I was maybe doing homework (?) Though I am not actually in school. Anyhow the boat sinks while I am on it. So I order a new one and I call the company to try and switch it out and the woman says"are you sure you want to put 2000 down on a boat?" And I was like "well it isnt my fault." But I was worried a little that he might think it was my fault. Cause it sank while I was on it.

I had a dream I was getting

I had a dream I was getting chased by Michonne (Off the walking dead) on a ferry. I was running along a platform and she threw her sword (which she always has on her in The Walking Dead) at me and I front flipped over it and it just missed me. I then went to the front of the boat and picked up a French Pistol (somehow I found out it was french I forgot that part) and was trying to look for bullets to shoot her before she came into the room I was in. I then woke up. 7 minutes late for school.