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I was at a festival or some

I was at a festival or some shit with Krysta and Ian and this thing appeared in the sky, it was like a huge metal sphere, and it was moving, like it was a ton of different shards of metal all moving together kinda like fish when they get in a sphere shape, and I kind of panicked and I asked people about it and they told me it was just a magnetic field thing and I calmed down, but then it was gone, and I could see what I think was earth and then everything got cold and I was no longer able to breath and I fell to the ground with everyone and idk what happened to Ian but i was still by Krysta and the last thing that I was able to do before dying was touch her ear and in the last moments before I died in this dream everything was dark and I was thinking "wow is this it" and then I finally died, but I didn't go to heaven or hell, I started picking traits for my next life and then I woke up

Ok so in my dream i had

Ok so in my dream i had a troubled younger brother but in real life I don't have a brother. So one day he runs away and i seem to be the only one that cares even his non existent girlfriend thinks he'll be fine and will come back on his own, so I go out on the streets of my neighborhood and search and run to find him but no luck so I go to a big party with some of the people from my school and ask for their help but only one of my acquaintances offers to help so we run of to find until well into the next day when we get to a cowboy western themed festival where his girlfriend works and she again tells us he'll be fine until we argue for a bit and then I start crying and she then does as well

First I was helping some man pick

First I was helping some man pick something out for his wife. Then me and my two sons were walking around a festival. A group started to do their routine and my oldest son ran into the street and began to do the routine. All by himself. Then it jumped to the hospital. I was there with someone talking about the wedding. There was someone in their bed. I was concerned the room would be clear for the ceremony. So the lady took me to another location within the hospital. I remember vividly that we walked by the men and women bathroom down the hall around a corner. We walked in a pathway into several rooms and ended up at this auditorium. There were people sitting to the left of the room. They had white coats on. I believe it was doctors and nurses. So I started to walk in but there was a practice of a musical going on. Then I kept saying four funerals but I corrected myself and said four weddings.

I had a dream that my best

I had a dream that my best friend died at a festival. I left him to go to the toilet and I came back to a crowd of people around him saying he overdosed on drugs. Which I knew for a fact was bullshit cause he is so anti drugs. I ran to him and had him in my arms crying while the police and ambulance came. Once they got there they took him away and before I let him go I grabbed his car keys and ran to the car park I rang my dad and told him what happened and that I was taking his car home cause that's where he would want it to be and that I had to tell his parents as well.when I got to the car park I couldn't find his car and a random Asian lady came up to me saying that someone is present and is attached to you she asked if someone just passed and I started crying and told her it was Jesse. She the started calling his name out loud and next thinking I knew standing in front of me was Jesse wearing a green power ranger mask on it wasn't until he took the mask of I knew for sure it was him. I started crying even more and asked him what happen he then told me never to trust anyone on drugs as some random guy one punched him and he died one the floor. I then asked him where his car was and he took me there when I looked around for the Asian lady she was gone and then I got in the cars and he sat next me to and we both drove back to his house and then I woke up.